Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Secrets and Bottoms

Fresh from a sweetly-scented bubble bath in which Lauren only received a terrifying face full of bubbles twice, the girls lie on the bed, shivering.  They're wrapped in bright, yellow towels.  Ever helpful, Justin and I rub frictional heat over the towels covering their backs and legs: Mia squeals with hyperactive, bedtime glee; Lauren stiffens and begs for me to stop. 

In turns, the girls are swathed with lotion.  Sotto voce, Justin makes an innocent observation: Mia's little backside looks just like her mama's -- I swear you two are carbon copies.

But we've forgotten a recently learned lesson: sotto voce is worthless around Mia's ears.  She's developed a keen sense of eavesdropping, but she doesn't yet understand that she's supposed to pretend ignorance in those situations. 

Laughing, she responds to Justin's observation: No!  Mama's bottom is WAY much bigger! 

She giggles, Justin heaves, Lauren wonders what just happened, and I refuse to smile.  It's not funny, after all.

Not very funny, anyway.


  1. My daughter once commented on the size of my bottom while standing in line at the bank... I didn't think that was funny, either!

  2. Ahhhh no! Yeah I would have felt the very same way. {Without the lovely phrase Sotto voce of course. And now I need to use it more often.} Yes it is lost on my boys, too. Domo picks up on everything, and Anthony is finally learning more vocabulary that is abstract. So he gets excited and LOUD when he gets a point. And he repeats it to just about everyone.

    Who knew we gave birth to overly observant parrots?

  3. My favorite bottom comment (oh jeez, did I just write that?) was while pregnant. "Mama, your bottom is HUGE." Said LOUDLY at the OBs office while I was changing into that terrible shrift. Thanks baby doll. Thanks.

  4. Haha! I mean, no, you're right, that's not funny at all...

  5. totally funny. what isn't funny is my 2 year old patting her bottom in public and exclaiming "i got booty".
    not sure where she learned this!!

  6. I have the same problem every time my 2 year old barges into the bathroom and sees me sitting on the toilet. "You have a BIG bum mom?! I have a little bum." Thanks so much dear, I always knew it was fairly large.

  7. I'm still waiting my turn for the bottom comparisons to begin. I know it'll come, and probably one day very soon with the little ears that are always listening around here!

  8. Oh yes. So familiar! Also, the BELLY comparison conversations. That never gets old.


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