Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bad Odds

There was one, single library book in sweet Lauren's room yesterday at nap time.

One library book, among twenty or thirty home-owned storybooks.

One book, illustrated by my very favorite children's book illustrator: Alison Jay.

One story that's been ripped to shreds, torn to pieces. 

That one library book is now marred and scarred -- maligned and taped -- forever.

Though it is still beautiful,

There's no guarantee that the library will see beyond the miles of tape to the much-loved book beneath.


How much cash should I have on hand when we go to return it?


  1. That's when I tell them I lost it and just pay. Poor book. I love her books too!

  2. Eli and Noah can't seem to resist the occasional urge to shred a book either. The last time our oldest did it, his Papaw sent him a card and -among lots of other nice, grandfatherly things said- implored him to be nicer to his books and not rip the pages. He hasn't destroyed one since :)

  3. I usually put the library books up high on a shelf. They are special and deserve special treatment. We all read them together for a half hour before bed. Now that they are older, they get their own books, but that before bed reading time is priceless for us.

  4. Oh, but of COURSE it was that one! Maybe they will let you just buy it and take it back home?

  5. Yikes! But you've got some crazy-good taping skills, Sarah! I'm sure they'll take it back.

    Katherine brought home her first ever school library book yesterday and, after this post, I'm guarding it from Penelope. Thanks for the cautionary tale!

  6. Lucy - I'm half-hoping they'll make us pay, and keep it. I just love her books! But at what price?!

    Em - Sadly, this is not the first book I've re-taped. Soon, I hope that either the girls or their negligent mother will learn their lesson.

  7. oh my....my 3 year old still occasionally likes to chew off the corner of a book during her quiet time....I am REALLY hoping she is now over that stage!

  8. Oh no! So so sorry! I am curious...how much is it to replace a book? I've always been scared to death of my kids ruining a book and having the library fine me $50. Seems reasonable--it is a *library* book--must be extra special!


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