Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Quick Photo-Led Thoughts

1.  In the first week of January, I've taken almost 250 photographs.  This is becoming ridiculous.  So much so that my daughters have grown weary of the constant lens pointed in their direction.  But I can't help it!  I mean, look at this shot.  It's simple and cluttered at the same time.  But, because the camera is so awesome, all the MESS on the counters in the background is gently blurred, making one assume it's ethereally arranged precisely for photographic structure. 

Which it totally is.  I did all that stacking very purposefully. 

2. Despite their adamant pleas (which sound an awful lot like rude bossiness...), I snap away. (Which also probably appears quite rude, come to think of it. But I figure they'll get used to it soon, and learn to ignore the camera.)

3. A few days this week have been warm and sunny enough to entice us outside, and on one foray into the woods, we stumbled across an engrossing discovery.  Emphasis on gross.  Of course this is where we spent most of our time: prodding the decaying pumpkins Justin had disposed of in the forest.  I'm sure he assumed they'd have melted into the loamy earth by now.  Or been eaten by raccoons.  But no -- they're just...there.  And highly interesting to two nature-exploring girls.

4.  Do you do this?  See a small, cozy habitat tucked away and think to yourself, If I were a little critter, I'd choose THIS place to curl up at night?


Okay, it might just be me.  I honestly see small-creature abodes wherever I am: a low-slung shrub over an outcropping of rock; a fallen log propped against a carpet of moss; a crevice between something leafy and something sturdy. 

But something tells me Mia might have some of her mother's curious tendencies.

5.  Help me out with this one:

I really adore photos that chop off some common, expected part of the story (like their heads, in this example) in favor of something more active (as in, their climbing, balancing legs).  Therefore, I think this picture is great -- but what do you think? 

Is this picture just badly aimed, or does it seem as descriptive as I want it to be?  Is it a flub, or a story?

6.  We're well beyond the need for Lauren to be so enclosed in a baby swing, but I (completely expectedly) am not ready to switch it out to a big kid swing.  A photograph memorializing the end of this baby-phase is in order, yes?  Because this weekend, I plan to make the switch.

Goodbye, old blue.

7.  Oh -- I got a haircut this week.  I know it's exactly like all of my other haircuts since, oh, about 7th grade, feels so right, it can't be wrong.   And I would bet that if we lined up all of my haircuts in the past 10 years, side by side, they'd not only be a variation of the same style and length, but they'd mostly happen in the same set of months: winter.  Nothing motivates me to chop my hair like static-cling around my face and neck.  Shudder.

That's all!  (That's all?)  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. love the swing picture. and the new (old) do. I pretty much repeat the same 3 haircuts over and over...

  2. Uh you got photo fever chica. It can only be cured by taking more... pictures. Lots of them actually. 250 in a week is nothing. To really cure yourself you need to take like, 250 a day minimum.

    And yes those piles look ever so neat in blurry happy bliss. I wish mine looked the same. The kiddos will get used to it. "Trust" me. Ha...

    PS. I adore the stop mama picture. Way too cute!

  3. I have also had the same haircut for years. I am growing mine out right now, just so I can cut it in the spring and feel like I have a new look, even though it will be the same. We women are funny creatures.

  4. Love the swing picture -- oh, those little toddler hands! I want to hug that child!

    I like the head-chopping picture too.

    And I like your haircut. You are so pretty!

  5. I love the photo with her hands curled around the swing, too.

    hahahaha, my girls haven't given me "the hand" (yet), but I haven't gotten to the (ahem) number of photos you're at. My sister, on the other hand, she posted a shot of her baby giving her the same gesture, and she's not quite 11 months old. :)

  6. 1. You crack me up.
    5. I think it's cool, but I wouldn't frame it. But I'm not really artsy, so my opinion means nothing here :)
    6. Sweet.
    7. I always have the same haircut as well. The only time I ever changed it was in college when I asked my friend to trim my bangs and she refused and informed me I was too old for bangs. I haven't had bangs since!

  7. I love photos that are just "as descriptive as I want them to be." Those are the best kind! (And my favorite detail about that shot is her little sparkly shoes. Perfect.)

  8. I love chopping off heads and things. It definitely tells a story - in my humble opinion.

  9. You're so pretty, Sarah! And I love, love, LOVE that hands-on-the-swing picture! Those pumpkins are seriously fascinating, too. The look so...poke-able!

    Oh! And the girls will adjust! These days, my once-reluctant kids seek me out and *ask* me to take pictures of them (or whatever interesting thing they've found). I'm not sure which is worse: never wanting to have your picture taken or equating being photographed with being loved!

  10. They will get used it. Mine have. :)

    And the picture with half of the body -- were you going for the shoes? If you were going for the shoes, did you put it on auto focus or manual? Sometimes when you use manual focus in shots like those you can ensure that your main intended part of the shot is most in focus and thus stands out most. :)

    Great job on your photos!

  11. Hyacynth - I wasn't really going for the shoes, I was just liking the tiny ledge where both girls wanted to be at the same time. The action of walking the 'tightrope' together, and showing that they were elevated, rather than just at ground level. Or something like that :)

  12. Um, so, you are gorgeous! I would keep the same haircut for years and years, too, if I looked that cute!

    Those cropped pictures are very cool, in my opinion!

    And we have some absolutely revolting pumpkins rotting in our bushes. I had the idea that they would decompose quickly and sprout pumpkin vines, and then next year I wouldn't have to even BUY pumpkins to carve, because they just recycled themselves! Instead, I think next year we'll just have the exact same pumpkins, mummified.

  13. Isn't digital photography great??? You can take hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures and only keep the best. Sure saves buckets of money! (Trust me, I think we had to take out a loan when the first child was born).

  14. You do short hair very well! A friend once told me that only those with strikingly beautiful features can pull off a short 'do and you did it girl! :)

    Great job on the photography! My fave is also the one of Lauren's hands in her swing. Priceless.

    Keep snappin'!


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