Saturday, December 18, 2010

They Who Dance

The feet of dancers
Shine with mirth,
Their hearts are vibrant as bells:

The air flows by them
Divided like water
Cut by a gleaming ship.

Triumphantly their bodies sing,
Their eyes are blind
With music.

They move through threatening ghosts
Feeling them cool as mist
On their brows.

They who dance
Find infinite golden floors
Beneath their feet.


  1. Love the poem, and such sweet pictures! (Oh my goodness -- I'm having a GIRL! Maybe someday she'll take ballet classes too! {insert freak-out moment NOW})

  2. Love the poem. We have a couple of little dancers ourselves and they are so much fun to watch!!

  3. I love her leotard, despite the unattached skirt, and I think she looks like such a sweet little dancer. Great pictures!

  4. "Their eyes are blind with music" SWOON! And oh, the wee ballerinas!

  5. Oh so sweet! Your little ballerina is simply adorable.


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