Wednesday, October 13, 2010


What I sit up thinking about late into the night, what fascinates me beyond the supposed confines of interest or reason, are the differences between my daughters.  Personality and appearance.  Taste and nature.  Voice and carriage.

Despite the fact that they are two very different little girls, they often remind me so much of one another that I forget who did what, and when.  I fail to distinguish if the younger sister has been influenced by her older sister, or is it the other way around?  Because they imitate each other equally.  They gather insight into their surroundings based on what the other one has experienced. 

They are connected, but separately.

They are alike, but entirely unique.  They may have the same fine strands of silken hair, but one wears it in golden lightness and the other in rich brown.

All of this runs through my head in broad swaths of thought, not usually stopping to land on any single, significant idea.  The truth of their intertwined individuality is just that -- truth.  So simple and expected that it won't bear deeper inspection.  It just is.  Billions of mothers across time and land know it as well as I: our children are different, one from the next.  Siblings may wear the same smile or ears or shoulders, and yet be vastly different in their temperaments. 

But as simple and expected as that knowledge is, it never fails to make me breathless in its wake. 

These girls -- my daughters -- are stamps of distinctiveness.  Never to be duplicated.  Is that not mind-boggling?

And here's where my mind exchanges broad swaths of thought for a pinpointed idea: whatever other children I may have will be exceptionally unique as well.  Their looks and tempers can be known only after rolling the dice to let them be born.

They don't even exist yet, but they are already matchless and -- again -- fascinating. 

Mind-boggling, I say.


  1. perfect, they are already practicing their individuality. gorgeous girls!

  2. Your girls are so lucky to have such an amazing and thoughtful mother who both encourages and nurtures their similarities and differences.

  3. I always get tripped out by this idea, too. Joey and I could have dozens of kids (and a tv show!) and none of them would be the same. And I think about the however-many hundreds of possibilities for a baby that a woman has in her lifetime, just for ONE woman, and each of them unique and distinct and with their own destiny, and I just get a little bit awed by God. A lot.

    Also, that would be a lot of diapers. Just imagining it makes me frightened!

  4. This is so sweet--and true! They are ENDLESSLY fascinating, aren't they? And, oh, the possibilities!...ahem, I mean, for YOU!

  5. And it is musings like this that increase my faith in God. True that.


  6. Can I just save time, say Ditto and post this on my blog? I mean no one will notice one of my children is actually a boy will they?

    Hahaha! I was just thinking this today as my daughter talked my ear off during her "quiet time" albeit from another room. While her brother could sit and play quietly for hours.


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