Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #78

1.  Just after I'd gotten the girls buckled into their carseats Wednesday morning, tossed their backpacks and lunchboxes in the car, and chided myself for being a few minutes late on our way to school, I turned the key in the ignition only to hear a grating noise coming from my non-starting engine.  It was loud and angry, and it was not a welcome sound. 

One more reason not to run at the absolute latest limits of time when we have to be somewhere: you never know when you'll have to unload the car and wait for your husband and dad to come rescue you. 

(Thanks Dad, for the battery!)

2.  After he got the carseats switched to his (trusty) car, Justin stayed home to wait for my dad, while I drove off with the girls.  They were excited to be in a different vehicle, chattering and giggling at the novelty.  I turned the radio on, and Justin had been listening to classical piano music; in the back seat, Mia and Lauren were completely silent, listening.  After a few minutes, Mia said, "I love daddy's car, mom.  It's just so....peaceful in here." 

I had to agree.  The Disney CD that plays on endless loop in my car is definitely not as peaceful as Chopin, but I never knew I had that option....

Being stranded from your own vehicle can be an enlightening, freeing process.

3.  Last night at dinner, this was the scene:

Mia laid with her head on her daddy's arm, protesting the meal with complaints of a headache and unstoppable yawns.  Lauren shoveled her food in around her constant narration, finishing quickly -- the better to speak MORE.  Justin and I looked at each other longingly, trying for snippets of conversation around the hubbub, and failing.

To finish it off, Lauren stuck her fork in between her first two toes, and plopped her tiny foot beside her empty plate as if that foot could scoop up imaginary food with that fork. 

But really, this was a completely normal night, reminding me that life is fun.  What are your dinnertimes like?

4.  I've been flipping slowly through my favorite Ina Garten cookbook this week, daydreaming about what I'd cook if I could just choose the recipe I desire above all others.  My indecision cripples me sometimes, but the cookbook had been taking up much needed counter top space, so I finally decided:

Brownie Pudding.  I made it last night, and...oh.  It was a good choice.  (I don't feel like writing up the recipe right now, but it's very similar to PW's Baked Fudge recipe, I think.)

5. This summer has been a bad cooking run for me.  I've slacked off with menus and recipes and actual planned meals, but I think I've finally figured out why.

I'm a cool-weather cook.  I like to make stewy, thick, hearty food.  Warm, smooth, and comforting.  Summer food -- grilled, crisp, fresh -- while delicious, doesn't make me want to get in the kitchen.  I like to eat summer food, but I'm bored by its preparation. 

I know this information is riveting, right?  But tell me: are you a comfort food cook, or a fresh-and-light food cook?  And how does this compare with your favorite foods to eat?  (I promise to compile your fascinating data into a final report for your viewing pleasure.)  (No I don't.)  (But still, I'm curious -- tell me about yourself!)

6.  My friend Melissa announced her pregnancy on her blog this week!  I'm so excited for her, and full of hope for nothing but good things to come.  Especially after reading her hopeful Bigger Picture Moment this week, I feel like this blogging community has the power to uplift people and give them an outlet and a way to feel connected when they're worried or afraid (or resolving to not be afraid any longer). 

Blog love, all the way.

7. Tonight, there will be some serious brow-furrowing and confused consternation going on in my neck of the woods.  That's right, it's scrapbooking night.  Wish me luck as I debate the merits of original creativity versus stolen creativity from my neighbor at the long table.  Hold my hand as I consider how best to capture the memories from my second child's first year, while also not butchering her sweet photos.  Stroke my brow as I worry that I'll never be a good mother since I can't seem to keep up with scrapbooking as a truly good mother should. 

And then try to cover your laughter as I linger over the snacks instead of tackling any actual project.  Scrapbooking will wait, but a night of snacks and gossip....I can't pass it up. 

What are you up to this weekend?  I hope it's fabulously enjoyable, and that it includes a visit to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I am also a seasonal cook. It seems there is a lot more variety in my cold weather menus. I don't really like using the grill, and don't want to wait on my husband every night, so things get a little dull in the summer. Going back to school and sports has forced me into planning meals again and it was much needed.

  2. Oh, I'm with you - while I love to eat fresh and light food, I love to cook hearty comfort food! Wait, I love to eat that, too... so apparently I just love to eat everything. But since we don't have a grill, my oven is still going strong on even the hottest days of summer!

    I look forward to seeing the final report on this topic ;)

  3. Brownie pudding! I must have that recipe!

    Our dinner times are equally crazy- Hubs and I try to talk while the kids do whatever they can to get our attention and make us get up from our meal!

    Good for you for even attempting the scrapbook! I did one for my daughter's first year of life, but still haven't gotten around to one for my son. I comfort myself with the fact that I'm blogging everything and making an effort to take great pictures. That's got to count for something, right? Plus, I have plans to eventually do a digital book with photos and blog posts about them.

  4. I am behind in scrapbooking too, but I am switching to digital books that you can print and have sent to you, and that is helping me catch up.

    And lately dinner at our house involves some sort of protest from our 2 year old that her food isn't big enough, or broken, or something.

  5. I am most definitely a comfort food cook. I can't wait for the temps to dip below 70 because the oven is coming on and pies/casseroles/cakes/etc. are coming out. Can't wait.

    By the way, I started a cookbook club on my blog this week. I am so bad with my cookbooks. I buy one (or get it as a gift), I look through it once or twice, then set it on a shelf and never try one recipe. So I decided to get myself cooking by doing one recipe a month from a cookbook. I'd love to have more participants if anyone is interested. :)

  6. loved this fridays list
    your descriptions of your family time is just so authentic and beautiful. i adore it
    blog love all the way indeed :)

  7. Sarah! Thank you so much for telling me why I haven't been able to get excited about cooking lately! I love to eat all kinds of food- I crave those fresh, light ingredients- but golly, are they a bore to prepare! Cold weather foods require love, and sometimes finesse. Now I feel completely justified in my lackluster meal planning (or not planning). Maybe I should learn how to make sushi, hmm...

  8. I'm thinking maybe I need to put on a little Chopin in my car!

  9. I think Chopin has magical powers to hush children...maybe scientific fact?
    Our meals are full of chatter! Thankfully we've mostly arrived at neat eating and table manners...mostly.
    I'm just a little bored with summer cooking, and although it seems inviting to pull out the crock pot and start up the soups, I just can't face that snow and cold temperatures will be here soon. We'll eat grilled hot dogs a few more times so we're good and ready for all that homey food!
    Blog love...all the way sister!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Comfort food all the way...looking forward to getting back in the kitchen. My food blog misses me as well!

  11. i very much enjoyed the scrap-booking and how nice every one was to share there toys. i also thought you were doing a wonderful job so there was no need to worry, i hope we can do it again soon.


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