Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #75

1. I knew this day would come: Mia wants a new mom.

In the midst of being denied something fundamentally necessary, like a second popsicle in 20 minutes, she was mad at me.  "I just don't want to stay here ANY. MORE," she sulked.  "I'm going to have a DIFFERENT mom."  Her arms were crossed and her lips were pursed.

With less emotion than I thought I'd feel at a moment like this, I said "I hope you can find one who gives you as many good hugs and kisses as I do, or who makes your favorite sweet chicken like I do, or who loves to tell you stories like I do...and I sure would miss having you around..."  I peeked sideways at her disgruntled figure, hoping to have shaken her anger.

Still scowling, she backtracked.  "Well, I just still want YOU, but I need another mama too.  One who lets me do whatever I want."


2. I've had a couple of discussions with acquaintances lately that have left me feeling awkward.  A few times, we've been talking about raising kids and the conversation has turned to the little newspaper column I've been writing.  Sometimes it includes stories of our difficult days or mishaps, and I write it all in the hopes that it'll be helpful to anyone else. 

But in these recent encounters, the response people have to my kids is this: "You're SO patient!"   A compliment, right?  But my mind twists it into something not so complimentary.  It makes me wonder if my kids seem so terribly behaved that anyone else would pull their hair out and run, screaming, from their presence.  But since I'm so very patient, I handle their supposed awfulness better?  Am I looking too deeply into this seemingly harmless compliment?  I'm sure I am, but...would anybody else take it that way?

3. This summer has been a terrible meal-planning phase for me.  I have no idea what's for dinner from one day (week...) to the next, and it's stressing me out!  But at the same time, I've been falling back on quick, simple meals to spare myself a lot of work.  With temps in the triple digits for days on end, cooking isn't my favorite activity. 

But also, I like to plead helplessness to my husband.  And go out to eat at a restaurant more than we usually do.  I'm so sneaky.

4. Last night was one of our emergency restaurant nights.  I'd counted on eating leftovers, but those turned out to be growing something inedible on their refrigerated surface so we had to make quick alternative plans.  Mia picked the restaurant -- a Mississippi style barbecue joint -- and we were off.   

Before our food arrived, Mia and I snuck away to the restroom.  The speakers were loud in the small, enclosed room, so jazzy blues filled the bathroom and bounced off the tile walls.  It was too much: we had to dance.  Hoping no other patrons needed to visit the wash room, we simpered for the mirrors, spun, and wiggled.  We boogied and shook and skittered across the bathroom floor, losing our breath and laughing until tears came to our eyes.   

Restroom dance parties are way cool.

5. I scream...

6. You scream...

7. We all scream....

For ice cream!

Have a relaxing summer weekend, and visit Betty Beguiles (our gracious, temporary hostess)  for more Quick Takes!


  1. The ice cream pictures are so cute! I get told that I'm such a calm parent all the time, I think it's because no one actually knows about my blog. :)

  2. Oh, I love the ice cream shots!
    And a dance party is suitable ANY WHERE! We break out the boogy when we sit fit as well! LOL
    S has take to crossing his arms and walking away and saying "I don't want to talk to you!" I just kind of chuckle and think, wow....a few minutes of silence. (Just kidding).
    As for the "patience". I don't know if I have said this but in my opinion, you do seem like an incredibly patient mom. I don't think it's a reflection of your kiddo's behavior. Rather, I would like to be more patient. It's something I have to work on daily. I think it's a compliment.
    All the best,

  3. cute pictures!!
    patient is a compliment, pushover is not. there is a key difference, from what I can tell, you're an amazing mom :)

  4. I say take it as a compliment, whether they meant it that way or not - and I'm sure they did! You have more important things to worry about than random acquaintances.

    And um, #7? That's what I looked like the other night after we made homemade ice cream. Will I have to share it once the baby comes?

  5. New mom? It happened here this week when we were talking randomly about fire safety and the fact my kids think I'll die if we have a fire (that's confidence, eh?). Carson was so excited to pick to live with the neighbors who have a dog! He said, "I can't wait for this fire!" Nice.
    I would totally be in the same boat of feelings with the compliment! People always say things because we have twins...which I take as insults that I obviously can't handle it and my boys are horrible! I have to read Phil. 4:8...think on things that are true, pure, right...all.the.time!
    Ice Cream sounds wonderful for's 100 heat index again today!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I have a feeling that if they thought your kids were horrible, they wouldn't say anything -- so I'd take it as a compliment :)

    And what Mia said totally cracked me up-- I think we all wished for *another* mom that would let us do whatever we wanted at some point :)

  7. Dear Sarah, of course it was a compliment! What mother doesn't wish she handled things with more patience? Everyone knows that having children is a huge test of patience, and I've always thought, after reading your blog, that you handle things gracefully. Even if you were feeling a mess on the inside (which is the real test, isn't it?)... So, take it for the truth, and be glad that God has given you the grace to become the mother you wished you could be. I don't know where I read it (possibly C.S. Lewis) but it said (paraphrased), "Humility doesn't mean denying our gifts, but rather accepting them as gifts from God, and rejoicing in His goodness in giving them to us"... Or something to that affect.

  8. I agree... I'm sure those comments were meant as compliments. I think God has blessed you with a very patient nature. Your girls seem to act the same as mine, but I know I don't always handle it with as much grace as you would. I wish I were more like you and I'm sure that's what those other moms meant too!

  9. Hmmm...I'm pretty sure Katherine's already demanded a new mom about 36 times TODAY. Maybe I need to be more patient... :)

    But seriously, I can understand your reaction to that particular compliment, but I doubt it's actually a veiled admonishment about your kids' behavior. You just seem so poised and creative and sure of yourself as a mom, I think people admire your methods (I know I do) and it comes out as saying you're "patient" all the time. Your kids are great: sweet-tempered and well-behaved, and a testament to your (and Justin's!) good parenting. Take the compliment at face value. All kids are challenging at times, and that's why being patient is a virtue.

    As for those ice-cream shots: precious!


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