Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays Around The World: Today

Today, we're having fun with Mia's first swim lessons!  I hid behind the patio doors to take these pictures, hoping not to distract Mia from following her teacher's instructions.  Lauren played in the room behind me, but since I was terribly focused on my BIG girl -- swimming! -- I didn't get a single photo of Lauren's activities.  I felt really bad for leaving her out of this fun experience (she was begging to swim) so, to make up for it, and since I place undue guilt on myself for any imagined neglect towards the second child, I'll narrate her actions as well as Mia's.  (And I'm sorry for that huge, run-on sentence.)

Shall we begin?

We shall.

Mia's swimming to the side!  (Lauren's eating grapes and reading a book!)

Mia's jumping in!  (Lauren's sneaking off to an attached bedroom!)

Mia's blowing bubbles while floating!  (Lauren's tooting loudly in front of the other parents!)

Mia's holding on to the side without touching the bottom!  (Lauren's spilling her grapes all over a 6 foot radius!)

Mia's jumping in AGAIN!  (Lauren's making a beeline for the staircase!)

Mia's listening to -- being cheered on by -- her sweet teacher!  (Lauren's sitting -- chastised -- on the bottom step!)

Fun, huh?  Just be glad I didn't narrate my own actions during this whole lesson.  They would have involved lots of sweat from the excruciatingly hot day, and lots of frantic searching for my suddenly lost toddler.  She's a quick little thing.  Second-child syndrome must give her super-human speed.  (Either that, or she was just blessed with a super-distracted mama...)

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  1. Love that you narrated Lauren's accomplishments as well! Tooting loudly in front of the other parents...you must be so proud :) I know I am whenever my kids do it!

  2. Oh, what a special moment!! It's a huge step, learning to swim...thanks for sharing it with us at Communal Global :D

  3. You're right - what a big girl!! :) Looks like she did really well!!
    And yeah... second child syndrome... it's a scary thing (and totally what I was going to post about tonight!!)

  4. I remember the swimming lesson days! My son told me his teachers name was "the walrus"...I thought that was so cute that she had made up a fun name for herself for toddler swim lessons. Later that summer I found out her name was "Dolores"...my son just couldn't say her name! LOL

  5. too funny. love how you recapped this. :)

  6. I love your narration, and I would have quite enjoyed hearing about what you were doing. {although, I kind of know based on the rest of the post!}

  7. Good job, Mia! She looks so sweet in the water! And I loved your narration ...this makes me wish Katherine was still taking swimming lessons!

  8. Hey, Sarah, wanted to apologize in advance because while you're cheering Mia on in swimming lessons, I posted about our scare at Cameron's lesson last summer. Just thought I'd warn you. Great pictures, by the way!

  9. Haha! Cute. Thanks for sharing. Your first will be envious of your second when the younger is still at home while the older figures out how much toilet paper and toothpaste costs.
    But don't panic. You have plenty of time before that happens.

  10. Gorgeous shots! My youngest is just mobile, and I'm not brave enough to take them too many places on my own yet. They are both too fast. And I so understand that whole feeling of neglecting the second. Somehow it always feels as if one is being neglected when there is two. I wish I could shake it.

  11. Mia looks so big, and capable, and awesome :D

    That Lauren is a sneaky one. We have toot-happy kids in this house too :)

  12. beautiful pictures!! it looks like she had a lot of fun! :)

  13. Cute pics!! Just wait until the third child, and you will NEVER know where he/she is, especially if they're quiet, lol! :)

  14. Aw how cute! Swimming lessons are the best :)


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