Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes I Get Bored

I found these characters arranged on Mia's windowsill one day after an un-productive nap time and  had to see what they were up to...I apologize.

SCENE: It's a hot, sultry evening.  Bugs are whirring and zzzzzing along the countryside while the sun blazes from the west.  A small party of sightseers rounds the corner of an antebellum mansion, inspecting the premises.  A bluegrass band is tuning up in the distance, and conversational laughter mixed with tinkling glassware pours out from the open windows of the stately home.

Pink Lady #1: Well, I declare [declayuh]! Who in their [theyuh] right mind holds an open-house ball on the hottest day of the year [yeeuh]?!

Yellow Lady: Now Ella, you know very [verrah] well the Clampit's are a pack of [uh] no-count carpet-baggers, and can't be expected to follow our [ow-uh] traditions!  Why, they wouldn't know a summer [summah] day if it crawled outta their [theyuh] bags and whistled Dixie at them!  [Unexpectedly hee-hawing laughter pops out.]

Young Man: [Rolls eyes.] Apparently, Miss Belle, YOU don't know a summer day, either, or you wouldn't have chosen such an over-padded ball gown.  [Sighs at being confined to the company of such ninnies.]

Pink Lady #2: [Whispering conspiratorially.] My own dress, Mister [mistuh] Charming [chah-min], is not padded in the least...



  1. too cute. Nice way to start my day.

  2. Ha! You're too funny!

  3. LOVE this! I can see them talking in my mind!!!! Laughing......laughing.......LAUGHING!

  4. Love it :)
    And now I'm off to mentally talk in an old southern drawl for the rest of the day!

  5. SO CUTE! I love the southern drawl. Kinda makes me want to get my daughters' dolls out and play too... ;)

  6. Going to go check out the Polly Pocket scenes in our house! :)

  7. Your mind turns in interesting directions when you are bored!

  8. love it! what WILL they do next?

  9. HAHAHA!! I don't know what is more entertaining ... the dialogue, the inserted dialect or the fact that you've just played dolls with us here on your blog.
    You are too much, Sarah, in such a very, very, very good way.


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