Monday, July 12, 2010

Riding For Glory

I just have one thing to say: This man... incredible.  He's an amazing father, a phenomenal husband, and a spectacular man.  But also....

He can ride 103 miles on a bicycle in 6 hours and 9 minutes.  I wouldn't call him a superhero or anything....

Unless it were true.  Which it is.  He's a superhero!  He rode in the Tornado Alley Bike Tour this weekend, and I suspended the kids' naptime so we could go watch him cross the finish line.  (I know -- this is big for me, too!  Where's my medal?)

The girls were a combination of moody....


And hyper from the non-napping. 

They agreed to pose for a picture or two, before darting off again to play.  I think they were proud of their dad: I know I was.

Congratulations on your second century-ride, babe!  I love you the most. 

(But I would have still loved you the most, even if you'd bonked at mile 4.  Though this would have been a less sweaty kiss, if that were the case.)

By the way, the shirts the girls and I are wearing in the last pictures are from the charity started by Justin's family for his cousin, Glory, who died of cancer.  She was only 22, and many of her symptoms were sadly overlooked.  The charity is called R.A.C.E. -- Raising Awareness of Cancer Early-on.  Stop by the website and look around if you'd like to help!


  1. Ah, this just puts a lump in my throat! You are the sweetest little wife!

  2. Whoa, TWO centuries?! What a stud you are married to! Congrats to him! (And congrats to you for wrangling the napless girls!)

  3. Congrats to your husband! And you definitely deserve a medal, too, for the napless-toddler herding. =>

    I'm sorry to hear about Glory and am headed over to check out the site now.

  4. Lovely tribute to your husband! Congratulations to him (and to you for missing naptime).

  5. He's an amazing man! I have one of those, too. Mine started running when we found out that I had Dystonia. His next one is in October. It's a wonderful and proud feeling to see them out there doing this for such honorable reasons. Yay for you and your girls and that sweaty kiss :)

  6. If only I had a tenth of his dedication. So cool.

  7. You skipped the kids' nap time for him? That's true love. : )

    What an AWESOME man you married.

  8. Congrats to your man! And you!

    But I must say, I love the pictures of your girls. The one with both of them together (eyes shut tight and do-I-really-have-to smile) is hilarious!

    I'm sorry to hear about Glory. That must have been heartbreaking.

  9. So I checked out the RACE website. Are they looking for people to distribute brochures to a few doctor's offices in different cities? I could take some to my doctors, dentist, etc.


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