Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesdays Around The World: My Favorite Scent

When Lauren was born, Justin and my mom had free reign over parenting for those days I was secluded in the hospital. Justin would travel back and forth, doing the hard jobs of bath time and bedtime, and keeping me updated on the home situation while I snuggled my new little angel.

Sometime during those three days, we must have run out of baby wash at our house. The right baby wash, that is. We had a different, sweet-smelling bottle, but the normal, freshly-scented Aveeno Baby Wash was gone. They used the available shampoo, and everything was fine.

Until the new, emotional mama came home. Weepy and struggling to figure out new motherhood for the second time, I just wanted my big girl to smell right. And she didn't. She smelled...flowery...or fruity...or something. It was a very pretty smell, but it wasn't the RIGHT smell.

One evening when my hormones must have been really messing with me, I broke down. To my bewildered husband, I cried: "Please, please...just...can you go to the store and get the Aveeno? Mia smells all wrong, and our house is all wrong, and our days are all wrong. I need something to be right! I need the Aveeno. GET THE AVEENO!"

Poor Justin probably ran right out and picked some up. Maybe with a package of Dove Chocolates. He knows.

Today, Lauren still uses this baby wash. Aveeno. The keeper of my sanity. Mia's graduated to Suave Kids, and I don't like it, but it makes sense. I'll get used to it. But when Justin bathes the girls and uses the same soap on both of them for the sake of expedience....

I have a teensy litte post-partum relapse.

Until the next night when I can soak my baby in Aveeno.

God Bless you, Aveeno.

This post is included (almost belatedly) in Communal Global's Tuesdays Around The World, but NOT connected to or endorsed by Aveeno in any way. Sadly. I think they'd like my loyalty if my crazy didn't scare them off first.


  1. That's really funny! Oh, the things our husbands put up with, huh?

  2. You took me right back... that crazy emotional post partum stuff lives in us every day after bearing children :) luckily it doesn't show itself 24/7 like the early days, but I don't think its a bad thing that its there!

  3. Oh! That's exactly the same baby wash I use for Penelope (when my beloved Burt's Bees is in short supply, which is, like, always). It makes me happy to think our little ones are toddling around with the same fresh-smelling scent!

  4. ahh...brings back wonderful memories of those first few weeks after Molly was born. I have the same sort of obsession when it comes to Burts Bee Baby products. My poor baby has such sensitive skin & it's the only thing that doesn't irritate her skin. So I went CRAZY ordering every single Burts Bee Baby product out there-I think I even have their bug repellent! I'll have to give Aveeno a try though...

  5. Hehe! My mom has informed me that she's going to find the same soap she used on us kids for her grandkids, just for the sake of the scent, so you're not the only crazy!

    And Aveeno should totally send you some free bottles :)

  6. This was so funny!!!
    I am exactly the same way! I have used Kort's baby shampoo on him up until 2 MONTHS ago! (Perhaps this will sound a bit more ridiculous when I tell you he is turning SEVEN at the end of the summer!)

    We have struggled through 5 long years of infertility, and I just don't think that I was ready or willing to give up my baby...whether he was in freaking first grade or not!

    This so struck a cord with me ;)

    Now that sweet baby number two is on the way, I was FINALLY able to make the switch to Suave Kids and have felt GREAT about it. (I studied out like, 30 different smells and settled on a coconut one from Suave and I love it)

    I am two shakes south of BATTY when I am postpartum - so this was a very fun read! Hey, we've gotta do what we've gotta do to survive during that CA-razy time!

  7. I agree! There is just something about that freshly washed baby smell. I'm the same way about Johnsons Baby powder, no other powder smells the same.

  8. Hey, I had the same thing, only with the Lavender scented J & J baby wash. It was supposed to soothe babies and make them feel all sleepy- which it didn't. But, it soothed me, which is far more important!

  9. That is so interesting. I have never smelled that I don't think. I will be sure to look for it at the store the next time. Even though I don't have a baby anymore I can force Kaish to use it : ).

  10. I love this range. So yummy and so great on your skin!


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