Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Quick Trip

The Heavenly Travelers
Annapolis and Washington DC
5 minutes or less.

Care to join us?

Night one at the Rockfish Bar in downtown Annapolis. Justin was getting tricky so I slapped him a good one. It didn't deter him.

The Rockfish fishtank and my girly friend Mandy. She and her husband Lucas (who begged off of any blog coverage -- strange, right? It's like he's...private!!) were the perfect traveling partners for Justin and I.

My first ever bloggy friend meetup with Robin of Not Ever Still. We weren't very still, either, but we WERE instant friends. Wonderful.

Chesapeake Bay with this jokester who'd just pretended to stumble off the dock. He's funny that way.

The harbor at the Naval Academy, which had a very cool visitor's center/museum, where Justin decided he should've joined the Navy. I heartily agreed, except for the whole 'deployment' issue.

Gussied up for the wedding at the Port Annapolis Marina.

Enjoying rum punch with Sarah-Marie, one of my craziest high school cohorts.

Oh, the ceremony. Sandwiched neatly between a 'preception' and the reception, the vows were said with both humor and feeling. I was giddy with happiness for Danni and Cesar.

Still giddy, but now with choked back tears.

Lovely, ain't so? She and her mom made that dress, by the way.

Speaking of high-school cohorts...From left, Annie, Danni, Mandy, and the oddly non-y ending name, Sarah.

The Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

Rows and rows, acres and acres. Sobering.

Our favorite museum of the day, Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History.

He's a hoot. Le sigh.

The Lincoln Memorial. Waaaaay too far away.

We finally reached the Washington National Monument, by which point my feet were screaming obscenities at me.

But it's okay, because I'd been doing the same to them for hours. New shoes plus walking the Mall equals a cussing Heavenly Sarah.

It wouldn't be a trip to DC without having seen the White House, right?

There was more...
so much more...
but my camera skills
(namely the battery charging portion of those skills...)
were lacking.



  1. What a great trip!! You both look so refreshed!

    Welcome Back!

  2. You are lovely, Sarah dear! And you and Justin's antics make me laugh :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great time.

  4. Welcome home, glad you had such a good time.

  5. Oh! I've been waiting for these! I'm glad your trip was fun! How did you fare without your girls? From the outside, everything looks perfect: all your pretty clothes, your hair, your happy smiles! I especially love the shot of you and Justin at the wedding. (You're such a cute couple) And the one of you and Robin. (Hi, Robin!) But now...tell me more! tell me more!

    Oh, and welcome home! I missed you! The great, wide, world on-line just wasn't the same knowing you weren't here!

  6. Hi Sarah! What a great trip! You guys look like you ahd fun. And you looked lovely! That is so cool you got to meet Robin! (hello Robin!)
    Love the pics! I heart weddings....

  7. What a fun trip! I've always wanted to visit DC. Thanks for sharing! And how fun to meet a real live bloggy friend!

  8. Looks like it was a fabulous trip :) Love the pictures! And how gorgeous are you???

  9. Love this trip!

    I was totally oohing and aahing over that dress. I ADORE it and then you said they made it and I fainted.

  10. Beautiful pictures! What a fun trip--perfect sunny blue skies, too!

  11. woo-hoo for a fun vacation! It looks like you had an amazing time!

    How on earth did they MAKE that dress, though? It's beautiful!!

  12. My husband, USNA grad of '99, always says, "The Naval Academy is exceedingly pretty....from the OUTSIDE!" (And deployments, obviously, were the absolute worst part of the Navy... so glad that is over.)

    I loved seeing the pictures of you and your husband, it makes me appreciate your blog even more. So glad I found it. (Or rather, you found me.)

  13. Looks like y'all had a great time! I love Annapolis!

  14. Oh, it looks like you had a lovely trip! How did the girls fare without you?
    Looking forward to the day when we have the ability to take off for a weekend of refreshment, friendship and each other. (And a bloggy meet up would be icing on the cake!)

  15. Thank you so much for making the trip out here! SO wonderful to see you and so glad you had a great time exploring Annapolis and DC!! I feel quite honored to be the impetus for your first trip away from those precious girls.

    Also, thanks to those that like my dress! My mom is unbelievably talented, and through many late nights and pricked fingers, she made the most stunning dress I could have hoped for! Truly amazing.

    And on another side note- my husband (wow! still trying to get used to that!) is also a USNA '99 grad. small world.


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