Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Time

In general, I don't set my own bar too high. I'd usually rather drift along, happy in my mediocrity, and not worry about failing in some big task. Is that lazy of me?

(It's just true.)

But sometimes, I do actually feel the need to step outside my own boundaries and think...what if? Would it really be such a bad thing to try? To maybe fail? To be confronted with my limits?

And on days like today, I say no. It's not a bad thing to try. It's not dangerous to broaden my own expectations for what I can accomplish. Today, I want to exceed my average expectations, and I want to do something difficult.

(Tomorrow, I'll probably recant.)

So here's what I'm going to tackle: Maegan's Creativity Boot Camp. It runs (for free!) for two weeks, starting June 6th.

I want to be more creative and I want to challenge myself into thinking of my world in different lights, but I've never wanted to do the work of figuring out how. It's seemed difficult and intimidating and impossible for middle-of-the-road me -- it still does.

But with a fine group of participants cheering each other on and a talented, sweet teacher helping us learn, I'm excited.

I might, though, need some of you to hold my hand as I wade into unknown puddles. Will you join me? Will you work towards building your creativity?

Will you go to Boot Camp with me?


  1. Don't recant! I think you should do it. I think I might do it, too, but I'm really wondering what will be involved!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this, it sounds fun!

  3. Wooo! So pumped for this experience. We're going to be so creative by the time we're done, that people will stare at our works for hours trying to discern the greater meaning.
    We'll just have some excellent, formerly unthought-of blog posts.
    I'll take either with a preference for the latter. :)

  4. CM - I have NO idea what to expect and that's the frightening/exciting part. But please join! We can be fright-cited together! (Now if THAT word wasn't creative, I don't know what is :))

    Kate - Are you in? Are you IN??

    Emily - I'm so glad you're participating -- because I might need to sneak a peek at your work to figure out how to do mine. What? Cheating isn't good for building my own creativity? Oh, bother.

    Hyacynth - Yes, I think my preference is for the latter, too. Because some people might already look at my work sideways and squinty-eyed to figure out what the heck I'm talking about. I think I've got that down :) But I'm all for new blog ideas!

  5. I'll be here with you gals!! :)

  6. That sounds like fun. Unfortunately, I already feel like I'm in bootcamp right now. Being pregnant while renovating has pretty much zapped the spunk out of me. Can't wait to see what you come up with and how this process works! I'll live vicariously through you. :)

  7. You are going to do AWESOME Sarah! It's all about your inner creative judgment...including your own! Thanks so much for the plug and for your sweet words! I'm so excited that you'll be along for the ride!


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