Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #63

1. I have a friend named Megan. We aren't close; we always went to school together and knew each other, but not well. Megan has a darling 6-year-old son named Easton. Easton has a brain stem tumor. He's undergone months of treatment, and not seen any real change. Last weekend, he was flown to the Children's Hospital in St. Louis in an emergency, and they found out that his tumor has grown. He's undergoing a risky surgery this morning. Please pray for Easton and his family.

Please pray.

2. Today (probably right this moment, as you're reading this) my husband and I are on our way to our first vacation away from our babies. You could pray for that, too, if you think it'll help!

3. Yesterday, while trying to talk to Mia about how many days we'll be on vacation, I said, "I'll miss you while I'm gone, sweetie!" It didn't sound like a downer, I tried for a very neutrally normal tone. Mia's response was the perfect advice, though.

"Yeah, but just don't CRY, mom," she stated.

I promised her I wouldn't, but we all know that was a leeetle white lie.

4. I was mostly successful in only leaving the grandmas with a tiny package of information while we're away. Four pages of notes regarding everything from daily schedules, to bedtime routines, to treat allowances. It felt so good to write it all down, and even better to look into my mom's eyes when I handed her the first sheet and said, "This is for Friday." Her eyes kind of went wide for a moment, but I think....

I think she's happy to have the helpful information, don't you? I mean, if I were watching a preschooler and a toddler for 4 days, I'd be all over some free tips. Wouldn't you?!

Really, I'm like a gift bearing angel, with a pocket full of emergency phone numbers and lunch menus. I just hope they understand that fact.

5. One of the really great perks of potty training is all the encouragement and congratulations I receive when I use the potty.

For example, Lauren followed me into the bathroom the other day, asking, "Mama? You need to go potty?" I said yes, and proceeded to do my business, while Lauren, hearing my business started clapping. "Ooooh! GOOD JOB, Mommy!" she yelled. She peeked into the bowl when I stood up, and exclaimed again. "Wooooah, you went some YOTTA pee-pee!" I felt so uplifted.

(Yes, I know: it would be much preferable to pee alone, probably have know how it is.)

6. Wish me luck this weekend.

7. Wish the Grandmas luck, too.

Have a gorgeous weekend, all, and stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. Hope you ALL have a wonderful time!!! :)

  2. I love the potty encouragement! Sometimes the dog walks in on me, but she doesn't cheer. She just sniffs.

    Prayers for you, the grandmas, the girls, and Easton. You're going to have a great trip! And I would love to listen to the grandmas talking to each other about your four page list :)

  3. You are all going to be great! Have fun and rest well knowing that you have armed the grandparents with a condensed verion of everyhing they need to know about your kids...and know they probably won't do one thing on that list...but it will all be good none-the-less!

    I will pray for you all and for your friend Megan and her dear son!

  4. Have a Great trip!!
    I love the detailed notes and although you feel crazy about it, I bet they love 'em too....a lady I used to babysit for always left detailed notes and I always thought it was GREat, what a big help!
    I love the potty training excitement, I wish it were still present at our house, Savannah has decided to only use the potty when it's time for bed......maybe one day. At least since we're going to try cloth diapers with Aubrey (that's right we picked a name!) our diaper budget shouldn't change too much. ;)

  5. Oh, how fun! We've only spent one night away from the kids ever and we stayed in town. I would love to get away again some day!

  6. The potty thing...totally get it. Lily isn't cheering for me {yet} but she always keeps me company while I'm in there ;)

    Good luck! Have fun!

  7. #5 ROFL. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I remember Cecilia applauding and cheering me on for using the potty. Priceless.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Potty time always ends up being a group activity/spectator sport over here too.
    Hope you have a lovely vacation!

  9. Hope you have an AWESOME vacation!!! Enjoy - can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  10. Prayers to you friend and lots of luck to you! I hope you and your hubby have an incredible time.

  11. Hope you're having a wonderful time!! :)

  12. Oh yes, I've had that exact same kind of potty encouragement from my kids. It makes you feel good and weird, all at the same time. Like...thanks...I think.


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