Thursday, April 29, 2010

What We Found At The Library, #16

Psst...I have a books for today aren't from the library. Don't tell the librarian, okay? They're from the BOOKSTORE and besides that, they're GROWN UP books! I KNOW!

The first book I read by Isabel Allende was Daughter of Fortune, and it swept me up, captured me in it's wake, and carried me along as a passenger. I was entranced. I loved it, and I loved the author's writing. Allende has the ability to dig so deeply into a character's history, without ever straying from the point of the story, and I love that -- the depth and width to her novels.

Ines of My Soul is a fictional story based on a historical character, Ines Suarez, who played a part in the Spanish settlement of Chile in the mid-1500's. I am fascinated with this period of history -- the expeditions, the discovery of new worlds, the conquering of native peoples, the careless destruction of their opens up my imagination and begs me to sympathize. I love that Allende is so able to capture the motivations and experiences of historical characters, so able to transport me into another era. That's what I most want from a novel: transport.

I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm not in a hurry. Each day I open it, see there's more than half left, and get excited that I have so many remaining pages in which to revel in Allende's expert storytelling. Because that's exactly what she is: an expert storyteller. It almost doesn't matter how the story ends or what happens at any point along the way. It's the reading of her words -- the discovery of her own created world -- that is delicious. A treat.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

When I first got this book in the mail, I pounced on it, speed-read through the whole thing in a matter of hours, and declared it good. It is amazingly full of information, explained in helpful, simple descriptions, and I'm a little in love with it. I've since read it in depth, and it becomes more and more fascinating with each chapter.

I've been on the natural family planning bandwagon for quite some time now, but without ever actually knowing what I was doing. I just knew I didn't want any medication in my body to alter a healthy, naturally occurring cycle, and I didn't want anything to...ahem...stand between my husband and I. After reading several rave reviews of this book, I ordered it on Amazon and can now add a rave review of my own.

Toni Weschler lays out in relate-able terms how to monitor and track your fertility -- whether your cycles are normal or wacky -- in order to prevent or achieve pregnancy. Beyond the obvious benefits of knowing how to use natural family planning, which this book is excellent in describing, I am in awe of the amazing amount of information I never knew about my body. I'm going to go all TomCruiseish on you now, and jump on the couch, okay? I LOVE MY BODY! IT IS AMAZING!! The things it can do?! The natural beauty of my cycles?! The internal systems of regulation?! The way it can tell me if something's not quite right so I can speak to my doctor with educated concerns?!

It's been said before about this book, but I'll add my voice to the general cacophony: Every woman should read this book. And she should read it now. Amen.

Whew. The excitement up there (coupled with the lack of library books in my library post) has worn me out. But I still can't wait to hear what you're reading!


  1. Sounds like two good reads. Stephan and I have been talking lately about how far apart we want our children, but neither one of us is ok with unnatural means of spacing them out. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is definitely something I need to read.

  2. Ok, I have to comment really quickly and then I'm out the door, but good for you taking time to read grownup books too!

    Someone highly recommended the Allende book to me, and I wanted to read it, so I'm so glad you brought it back to my memory!

    Also, in my post today I mention that I'm in the middle of 3 books - Taking Charge of Your Fertility is one of them! I was totally going to talk about it next time! :) Actually, I might've posted about it today, if I hadn't missed the last What We Found. Funny, huh?

  3. I really want/need to read that book. I've heard excellent things about it {Taking Charge of your Fertility, that is}.
    I've even heard you can KNOW when you're double ovulating?? This would be extrodinarily helpful. :)

  4. Oh, I really liked your reviews! Especially the part where you go all Tom Cruise on us :)

  5. I've heard SO MANY good reports about that book and I do believe I need to read it. I'm just like you -- on the natural family planning bandwagon without much of a clue what I'm doing :)

  6. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is so intriguing! Although, I had just read the first few chapters and found out we were having twins...I felt sooo not in charge of my fertility!

  7. I must read the Fertility book. Baby #6 makes his debut next week and I need a better understanding of things (although our last three kids have been spaced two or more years apart).

    Thanks for the tip on Allende. I read one of her books a long time ago and remember liking it.

  8. Ohhh, I've been meaning to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility! (Did you talk about it on here before??) Thanks for the reminder! Maybe I can finally convince my hubby that natural family planning isn't just a shot in the dark, lol! I love the review and Tom Cruiseish moment too! ;)

  9. Oh I LOVE Take Charge of Your Fertility. Even as a Bio/Pre-Med major I learned stuff from it. In fact, I got it as a gift form a friend when I said I was trying, which started a trickle down and we have all bought it and passed it down to the next. I fully intend on using it to help my daughter get through puberty!


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