Monday, April 26, 2010

Wanted: A Bossy Mom

I'm in need of a mom, today.

Yes, I already have a mom -- a fabulous one -- but I'm feeling greedy and lazy today. I need another mom. One who will come over and make a list of everything I need to do. One who will remind me to pay my mortgage before it gets too late. One who will tsk tsk my un-scrubbed shower and shake her head in despair at my 5-days-dirty broiler pan. (I hate the broiler pan.) One who will be my task manager and forbid me from wasting time.

Because if left to my own devices today, I'll do this:

Lay in the patch of sunlight streaming through my bedroom window and crack open the Isabel Allende book I've been dying to read.

Worry about potty training.

Take my girls outside, under the bright blue sky, and push them on the swings until my arms are noodley and weak.

Stare into space while considering all the things I'd love to write about, but which are not blog-appropriate.

Make dessert. Eat too much dessert.

Make a mental list of the things I need to plan for our upcoming mini-vacation; Neglect to actually write the list.

It seems that what I really need, is a boss.

Do you ever have days like this? Please tell me you're not full of self-control and task-oriented forward motion.

Or, if you are....

Will YOU be my boss today?


  1. Wow, sounds like a heavenly day. Sign me up! And I think I'll skip the part about needing a boss. ;) I'd say pick like one or two items to complete today, just so you can feel good about getting something done.

  2. I will not tell you that I'm full of self-control and task-oriented forward motion, because I'd be lying :)

    :: I've needed to catch up on laundry for two years.
    :: Last night's dinner dishes were done because my husband washed them (said as Lenae hangs her head in shame).
    :: I forgot to put pants on the baby this morning when we went to the park. 70 degrees out, and the poor thing was in a onesie. So I slipped him into a pair of his 2-year-old brother's pants and rolled 'em up.

    Some days are better than others. I'm working on it :)

  3. The lack of a boss giving me guidance, direction, and most of all, someone to frown at me if I failed to do anything worthwhile, was THE hardest thing to adjust to when I became a stay at home mom. Also, if you do have a completely stellar day, when you accomplish SO MUCH domestic work and are a fabulous mommy besides...there's no one to tell you what a valuable employee you were that day, to give you a literal or figurative pat on the back, or even...a bonus for your excellent work?

    Yeah, I want a boss too.

  4. You are so not alone! I'm trying to get more organized. Of course, it seems like I am always trying to get more organized. I hope it works, soon would be great!

  5. Sometimes I'm full of self control and task oriented motion...but almost never on Mondays....if you find a bossy mom, send her my way :)

  6. It is a rare day that I am motivated and self-controlled! For example, today I have baked chocolate muffins, spent a few hours on the internet instead of on my dissertation, and still haven't returned a library book. Said library book is due tomorrow... in Texas. I need a mom to drive me through the rain to the post office and pay for the overnight shipping.

    Also, I got all intrigued by what topics you want to blog about but can't! And then I realized I have some myself (for example, an in-law who is driving me crazy), so I thought perhaps yours were not so exciting. And then decided that you're cooler than me so they probably are!

  7. I'm so glad to read that Lenae forgot to put pants on the baby...we got to daycare today and realized Teegan had no shoes. If you find a mother-for-hire, let me know. I'm wanting to hire someone to help me get organized at home. (Yes, I've truly decided the only way this is likely to happen is if I send the children away, take a week off work and hire someone to come crack the whip!)

  8. I have a sink full of dishes waiting for my attention. I need to go the store to make dinner, or create something out of what I have in my pantry. I have yet to sort the clothes in my girls' room for the seasonal switch.

    I need a boss too.

  9. I am right there with you! I need a boss too! If I had a boss, I might have cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor, and put away the junk that has taken up residence on the counters, not to mention, cleaned out the Guest Room closet. But no, instead I played on the floor with my son, went to the library, and read a bunch of blogs! Still a stellar day!

  10. Really, I think Mondays are tough. Almost every week I'd rather be doing something else. I'd rather that the weekend was not over. I'd rather not be looking at a calendar full of places to be for the week. I'd rather that my hubby be home with me.

    But mostly, I am THAT mom. THAT woman. Task oriented and borderline with the planner/OCD tendancies. I'll admit it.
    A lot of times, I would much rather be the OTHER mom and not feel the need to hold so tightly to schedule and task-laiden days.

    Hope your day was successful, even if you did just push your girls on the swings all day and end up with weak arms. What a perfect day! :)

  11. I know how you feel! We're moving back to the US this summer and we have SO much to do. I have gone into shut down mode because my list is impossibly long!! Maybe I need to fly my mom out here :)

  12. You are definitely not alone. I'm pretty organized and I have a handle on the laundry, but some days I just do what I want - read a book, bake, eat. Like today. Right now. I should be doing so many other things. Some days you just deserve a sunbeam and a book.

  13. I actually feel like getting some things done today, that is if the kids would start cooperating. It's really hard to organize closets with three little ones hanging on you, sigh.


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