Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesdays Around The World: Today

Even though I vowed to keep my eyes open -- to joyfully grasp each moment of growing up -- it continues to take me by surprise.

The rows of perfect, white teeth.

The ponytail down to the middle of her back.

The strong hands, holding tight to a wobbly swing.

The long legs, running across a grassy lawn.

The blue eyes, learning to soak up every detail.

The babyish voice, speaking about big-girl thoughts.

It really is an amazing thing to watch: the growing of a girl.

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  1. Very fun picture!

    I found you at communal global.

  2. "The babyish voice, speaking about big-girl thoughts."
    This gets me every time :) Sweet little voices.
    That photo speaks a thousand words!

  3. aww she is so CUTE!!!
    Have a Supha Tuesday!!!.......【ツ】

  4. Beautiful post. They just grow so fast. It doesn't matter how carefully you watch, it's still a surprise.

  5. Sarah! This is my MOST favorite. You just totally and completely MADE MY DAY! I love it! amazing. Thank you for reminding me about precious special moments.

  6. Children do that to us, don't they --open up our eyes to every little thing about them? Every. single. thing. that brings out the wonder and gratefulness in our hearts. :)

  7. Precious... still waiting for my little one to venture beyond "Ma Ma", "pease [sic]", "thank you"...

  8. Wouldn't it be nice to keep them that beautiful and innocent a bit longer. I think my boys grow up way to fast and they are only 6 and 3. I still cuddle them like a baby which they are not so keen on. Oh well, they'll get over it.

  9. I was thinking these very same thoughts just this afternoon. Thanks for putting it into words! She is beautiful!

  10. Thanks for stopping by!!! I went through a few posts of yours and enjoyed reading them very much!! It is amazing to watch kids grow...At times it saddens me to see my little girl growing to be a lady!!!!

  11. You're killing me with these sentimental posts! ;) She is so sweet and pretty!

  12. Oh wow, this choked me right up!

    Beautiful image.
    Beautiful words.

    What more could a resident blogstalker ask for?

  13. Such a cute photo...how did it make me feel? Like a little girl growing up in Chicago. Playing at the park was such a big part of my childhood, I can almost feel the wind in my hair as I swing. Thanks for the memory, it is such a nice shot!


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