Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Is Where The Colors Are

Did you think you'd get away from me without some egg-painting pictures this Easter?! No SIR! We had our fill of painting and vinegar-water dipping a few days ago, and I surprised myself with my laissez-faire attitude towards paint + a toddler + an egg. Even if the egg was hardboiled.

Lauren did a fantastic job being 'esstra carefuw' with her 'dewicate' eggs, and only tried to paint her mouth one time! That seems successful to me. But my measurements of success have become more relaxed with each subsequent year of egg decorating, so I don't know.

Mia's first egg was purple, if you can believe it. I think if she could choose the colors of the world, everything would be shades of purple.

And bejeweled.

The paint kit I bought (super cheaply) was wonderful: little bitty color coded paint rollers, packets holding small amounts of paint, a color coded tray, et voila.

Taking pictures of painted and dyed eggs has got to be one of the most visually satisfying tasks, don't you think? Such vibrant colors!

The girls both wanted to keep painting after our supply of eggs ran out, so we used the leftover drops of paint on a few sheets of paper. Mia gave her painting (the one with the huge blocks of color under the eggs) a name: Home Is Where The Colors Are. She's quite the artiste to be naming her work already.

And afterwards, we headed out for a picnic lunch on our clover-flowered lawn. Bees were already buzzing in low circles over the flowers, the sky was warm and open, and we soaked up the sunshine with our Easter-ready hearts.

Easter blessings to you, my friends! May your tomorrow be filled with faith, joy, celebration, love...

And lots of colorful eggs!

Happy Easter!


  1. Fun times! We painted wooden eggs yesterday. Levi loved it! And, surprisingly he only tried to paint his face once, too.

  2. Happy Easter, Sarah!

    I saw that Easter egg kit at a store in Sicily, but sadly I passed it up because it was too unfamiliar. After seeing your pictures though, I wish I would've bought one! Your eggs look great! And your girls look happy!

  3. I can just about smell that lawn!

  4. Lovely eggs! I'll have to get a kit like that next year! And I'm super impressed with all your French words. You get a gold star! :)

    With all your savoir faire, your blog is surely la crème de la crème!

  5. That kit looks like so much fun! I'll have to keep my eyes out for something like that :)

  6. Very sweet pictures! I love your blog, it's gorgeous.

    Check out mine at if you get the chance :)

    K xx


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