Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Is Lauren, Lauren Is Two

Two is a birthday party. Two is a room full of butterflies.

Two is a birthday cake, bright and fluttery and sweet, to be shared with family and friends. Two is delicious.

Two is shy. Two loves hearing the birthday song, even when sung by many boisterous voices.

Two is jealousy inducing, at least when it comes to getting the first slice of cake.

Two is curious. Two is excited. Two knows how to rip paper, finding hidden treasure beneath.

Two is smiley. Two is snuggly. Two is lovey. Two is safe.

Two can yell at the top of her voice, "I wanna go OUTSIDE NOW!" Two can holler.

Two is fearless. Two loves adventure: a backyard contains all the excitement of the entire world.

Two is happy. Two is healthy. Two is sweet and silly and precious.

Two is loved. Two is Lauren.

Lauren is Two.


  1. What a fun cake and birthday party! I might have to steal that for Lily's birthday come fall. Where did you find the cake recipe? Or did you just come up with it on your own? Do share :)

  2. May I add?
    Two is a tired (but happy) mama on a Monday morning after a great party.
    It was a great party and she is a sweet two!

  3. For some reason the pictures are not loading for me and I could only see the first one - and after seeing the adorable butterfly decorations it's killing me not to see the rest! Must refresh page again!

  4. I can't see half of them either! Boooooooooo! But what I did see was adorable and fun!

  5. Amy - I bought a butterfly cake pan at WalMart for $12-ish, and used a regular cake mix, my favorite frosting recipe (in my recipes label!) and pink/green icing color. The hearts were in a pan I bought for V-day, but never got around to using. They're like big cupcakes. I planned on putting them together somehow to make them look like little butterflies, but at 11P the night before the party, I was tired of decorating, and decided hearts were good enough :)

    Jill - Two is definitely a tired mama :)

    Elizabeth & Lenae - I'm not seeing pictures on several Blogger blogs today, mine included. I don't know what's up, but it's highly irritating! Hopefully, it's a system-wide problem that will get fixed soon. Cuz otherwise, I have no idea what to do about it!

  6. What a fun looking birthday party. I love the decorations and sweet! Happy birthday Lauren! You're a pretty cute little two!

  7. I reloaded this page like 6 times so I could see that cake. Finally worked and I'm so glad it did because it is adorable! Great decorating, mom! And Happy Birthday, Lauren!!

  8. I see them now! First of all, that cake- WOW! Love it! Looks like fun was had by all (well, except Mia in her melancholy moment) :)

    You've got me all psyched to celebrate Eli's birthday on Saturday!

  9. Beautiful pictures, looks like a good time was had by all, especially the birthday girl!!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Lauren!! I love the cake and butterfly decor... So cute! You look cute too, Mama! ;)

  11. Happy birthday, two!

    I LOVE that cake and the butterfly decorations!

  12. Happy Birthday, Lauren!! Two is truly beautiful.

    P.S. Love the butterfly cake.

  13. I love that post! Your little 2 year old is beautiful. Happy Birthday, Lauren!

  14. I'm so behind this week, but what a beautiful party for such a beautiful little girl! I *loved* two with our little girl! Soon she'll be *seven*. It's goes too quickly! Steal every moment you can! :)

  15. What a fantastic-looking party! Happy Birthday, Lauren!

    (And thanks for giving me some inspiration for Penelope's upcoming day!)


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