Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Someone Else's Wrong Side Of The Bed

This has not been my day, at all.

Not my day. It must be somebody else's.

It must be someone else who woke up too late to shower, and is still wearing half of her pajamas. At least she put jeans on, but they're the jeans with a slowly fraying hole in the crotch, so does that really count as clothes? She managed to remember deodorant too, but that was only an hour ago, so did it even make a difference? Poor girl. She should be showering instead of blogging, but her priorities are all wonky.

It's also someone else who's got a feverish daughter on one side and a bored toddler on the other, making for complete frustration in the middle. They need to get out of the house for fresh air and a change of scenery, but the fevered one wouldn't appreciate that, so they stay. They've watched too much tv already today, and still have the entire afternoon ahead of them.

Someone else decided the morning spent at home would be the perfect time to pack away the growing toddler's too-small clothes. The toddler tossed folded stacks of clothing this way and that while her mother searched for a storage box with any space left inside. She didn't find any, so she decided it would be perfectly alright to rearrange the clothing in all the other storage boxes to make room. A grand mess ensued. Mountains of clothing could only be dispatched to their appropriate boxes after the sizes were re-sorted (because that part had been haphazardly done before, so it was all crazy now). This took way too much of someone else's time.

It was someone else's toddler who discovered a forbidden box of markers and colored one square foot of wooden kitchen tabletop. She couldn't have used the innocent Crayolas which are highly washable -- no. Instead, she used the crappy, cheap kind which came with a poster or something. A no-name brand that was highly UNwashable. And she did it while her mom was up to her waist in baby-clothes-sorting.

It had to have been someone else who scrubbed the marker-ings until her triceps burned, while the toddler sat screaming in time-out. MY day surely hasn't included an un-fixable tabletop. MY day surely didn't see that box of crappy markers thrown in the trash.

Someone else's toddler threw every last piece of bedding out of her crib, instead of quickly falling asleep at naptime.

Someone else's meat for dinner is still frozen solid.

Someone else's husband has a meeting that will take him away during bath and bedtime.

Hopefully, someone else will perk up and smile a few times in the coming hours. Her grumpiness is only perpetuating more grumpiness.

Good thing that someone isn't me, because I can't stand being told to snap out of my grumpiness. Good thing my day isn't like that.

It's not my day at all.


  1. Oh friend, I had that day yesterday...well, and part of today too:)! Markers are never good...I refuse to let the girls use them anymore. Hope your day gets better!

  2. It's a good thing you avoided that shower because if you really are having someone else's day, you may have had mine. Then you would have stepped out of the bathroom and discovered that someone else's sneaky little toddler had taken every single article of clothing out of her closet and carried it into her sister's igloo tent while you were washing your hair. You would've decided to ignore the mess because, hey, her clothes are all a jumble of seasons and sizes that needed to be sorted anyway, so you would've gone off to dry your hair. While you were drying your hair, someone else's preschooler would've decided that the mountain of new clothing in her room was suddenly her "washing" and proceeded to, well, do the washing.

    It's like the nightmare version of *If You Give A Mouse A Cookie* over here.

  3. Oh, no. So did the marker come off at all or is it still on there? Did you try Magic Erasers? I used them on my table with some non-washable markers and they did the trick.

  4. Oh, that poor girl who had such a bad day. I'm very sorry for her and glad that at least it wasn't YOUR day. ;) Tomorrow HAS to be better... right?

  5. Well, I'll just give YOU a great big hug, and you pass it along to someone else if you happen to see them :)

  6. bless your heart. i remember when my oldest 'covered' our tv in masking tape when she was little. now that they're older, i treasure those pictures. :)

  7. Oh, ((HUGS)), Friend! What an icky day that's sure to bring on some much-needed unwinding after the girls' bedtime. And by the way... Sorting and putting out past season or too small clothes alone always, ALWAYS puts me in a bad mood. I hate it. Hope you have a wonderful night!

  8. Oh. my. I have those someone else's days more frequently than I would like. Sounds like a rough one. Try hairspray on the marker. I don't know if it will work on wood, but it get's permanent marker off of other surfaces. Just spray and rub. Good luck!

  9. Savvy Kate - I am thisclose to outlawing markers here, too. But I'm just hoping I don't have to :(

    Emily - Hehe :) That made me feel better!

    Jen - It's still mostly there. I think I rubbed a soft spot in the wood where I got a little bit of the marker off. I decided to save the rest for hubby :)

    Mere Katie - I'm hoping to start off with a shower tomorrow -- that's GOTTA do the trick.

    Lucy - I'm sure she'll appreciate it...I know I would ;)

    H-Mama - I was thinking in the middle of all of it, 'I should take a picture, because I'll think this is hilarious in a few years.' But I was so furious, I didn't want to take the time. Oh well. It looks like we'll have a constant reminder anyway -- the wood is so stained.

    Bliss Kate - Thanks :) I should have known better than to start such an undertaking while I didn't have help. Or brownies. Brownies might have helped.

    Madeline - Hairspray! I'll try that next. I knew bloggers were a wellspring of information :)

  10. Yes, Hairspray is really good so is rubbing alchol for the marker mess. Maybe even one of the Mister Clean magic erasers. My child once colored my fathers brand new leather sofa with a sharpie. I googled it and found out that axe deodorant and something else would take it out, and it worked. Isn't your day a typical day of any mother. At least you didn't accidently not close the hood of your car correctly and have the hood pop back on your hood thus causing it to shatter as you were on the way to an important meeting in the city. That would be me. A couple hundred dollars later. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  11. Oh yes, been there, done that. Sympathy heading your way.

  12. IF hairspray doesn't work, alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the drinking kind) might work as well.
    (and then pour a little of the drinking kind for that poor other mother.)
    Here's hoping today is better!

  13. Ugh! A missing hubby, no shower, markers and toddlers always add up to a force to be reckoned with. Hoep your day gets better!


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