Saturday, March 13, 2010

On My Mind: Drivel

What is the purpose of having sinuses? Because I'm pretty sure I'm thisclose to selling mine to the highest bidder. Useless and irritating things they are. Maybe some steam would help. Uh, the soup is boiling over. I really don't think it's right to assume that housecleaning is more important than spending quality time with my girls, but dang the house is dirty. I'll beg Justin to clean it tonight while I rest my weary self. He'll refuse. We'll play rock-paper-scissors and roll over laughing because I always win. In the end we'll be having so much fun that we'll clean together. Dreamdreamdream.

So dreary, this rain is. Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way. Zippidy doo da, zippidy ay! But hopefully it's soaking my tree food deep into the soil. Plus it's loosening up the garden ground. Plus I want to rent a movie tonight. Plus it smells really good in here. Shoot! Soup! At least my hands aren't so dry lately, so I can wear my pretty ring again without coating it in lotion a dozen times a day. Maybe the moisture in the air from the rain has made the lotion less necessary. What am I? A scientist? Pfft. Nothing precise about this mess.

OH! I should be looking for Lauren's birthday party supplies right now instead of spewing drivel.

Mmmm...birthday cake. Is there a butterfly-shaped pan, or should I just rig something up from a bunch of round cakes? But not the biggest pan. Or maybe? But we've got to rake last fall's leaves up before the party. What if it's warm enough to play outside? Not likely. It'll be cold if we rake, warm if we don't. Ugh, the car needs to be washed, too. But $4 for a car wash! I'd rather get out the sponge....and hand it to Justin with a bowl of sudsy water. He's so hot. Is it superficial of me to think my husband is so alarmingly gorgeous? Not if I adequately acknowledge his heart and mind and faith and humor. And his eyes. My eye is burning a little. A little watery, too. Stupid sinuses.

I want to eat an apple. Fuji. Does that mean they're Asian? Japanese? I thought they came from's probably raining there, too. Gasp! The next Twilight movie comes out soon! When? Maybe not soon at all; I can't remember. I still haven't even seen The Time Traveler's Wife yet, and it's been out forever. Rent that tonight! But it'll interfere with my new book. I should just quit this nonsense, buckle down, and write my own book. I need an idea first...a basic plot. Plot. Plot. Plot.

I've got nothin'.


  1. Ha! I've had these days!

    And I just wanted to let you know that I saw a butterfly cake pan at Wal-Mart yesterday in the Easter section.

  2. I thought I could ramble, but you have got me beat! Are you drugged up on sinus medication? :) Only $4 for a carwash? The cheapest one around here is $6, and I don't exactly live in an area that's got a steep cost of living.

  3. Wow.

    Twilight!!!!! Eeeeee! Please roadtrip here so I have someone to go with me this time.

    Soup! ... Wait, what kind?

    If we're talking about hotness, I just hemmed a skirt to my ideal skirt/dress length, and I must say.... I look pretty hot in it. Just saying.

    I think these are out of order, but you get it, right? And it's Saturday, so I claim a Saturday-Therefore-I-Have-No-Brain pass.

  4. I think this means that you are deep in the throes of doughnut withdrawal. Don't worry! You can get through this! Be strong!

  5. I have plot problems too. Notice me reading blogs instead of writing a novel?

  6. Ha! That's what my brain is like some days...okay...a lot of days.

  7. :)
    So looking forward to the next Twilight movie (though I'm a little ashamed to admit it...)
    And while the acting wasn't great, I loved The Timetraveler's Wife!

  8. Ah man, I wished you lived close...I have a new butterfly cake pan dying to be used!

  9. My mom made me a butterfly cake a few years ago (yes, I made her help me re-live my childhood). She just cut a pattern out of paper, laid it on top of a sheet cake, cut around it and voila! I can show you a picture if you're interested in going the non-cake pan-purchasing route. It looked great!

  10. Neti pot. Yucky, but definitely helpful for those of us with unhelpful sinuses.

  11. Lenae - Need you even ask? Chicken noodle, for the dozenth time this winter. Although now it's spring...oh well. I want to see pics of your hot skirt!

    Lucy - Aw, man! I was JUST done thinking of donuts...and now I'm back to it.

    Corinne - I'm a little ashamed about Twilight, too, but not ashamed enough to stop watching. Here's a funny story (stop reading now, I beg of you): When I went to see the first movie, I was still nursing my daughter. She was nearly a year old, so I should have had my let-down reflexes well under control. But I got so excited when the first shot of Edward came on -- walking into the cafeteria -- that I...I...had a spontaneous let-down from adrenaline or emotions or something. Totally embarrassing. Thank God for dark movie theaters. And thank God for the shamelessness of combox confessions :)

  12. Hahaha, I am always full of random thoughts. And I will want to see pics of that amazing butterfly cake...please!?

  13. You're so clever. This is precisely why I love your blog. Your randomness always makes me laugh.

    Hope your sinuses clear up!


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