Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Normal Day After All

Picking the girls up from preschool can be an exercise in humiliation.

Sometimes Lauren has to be hauled out, wailing in frustration that her fun day is ending before she's ready. Sometimes Mia refuses to leave without a lengthy gaze into the fish tank. Sometimes it's me who causes the embarrassment -- I open my mouth and silly words come out which make no sense to the poor teachers or other parents.

But yesterday...yesterday was good. Mia was happy to see me at her classroom door, and began telling me about her day immediately. I said something appropriately witty to her teacher; we laughed together. Lauren was sweet as pie, walking out of her classroom with joy. The fish tank was ignored. We headed for the doors in a calm manner, discussing the day and looking for all the world like a respectable little group.

Just when I thought we'd avoided all chance of embarrassment, Mia burped. An innocent, quiet little belch. But next, and loudly:


So close. Another nearly respectable moment, melted away by preschool candor.

That's alright, though. I was having trouble believing the lapse in embarrassment was real, anyway. It reeked of temporary insanity.

Temporary insanity plus broccoli, I mean.


  1. LOL! Look on the bright side - everyone will think you're a great mom because at least her burp tasted like broccoli and not donuts.

  2. Burps that taste like broccoli? I'd consider that a PROUD moment! I mean, what if she'd said gummy bears or peeps or something awful?

    Actually, now that I think about it, burps that taste like broccoli are what a strive for as a mom!

  3. I never thought of that, ladies! I AM a good mom...quite respectable, indeed!

    Although a few minutes later, her burps probably tasted like M&M's. It was just the luck of the draw that broccoli happened first :)

  4. Ha ha! I think Becky and Emily said it best :) And you are AWESOME, so don't you dare think otherwise!

  5. She's a billboard for your good parenting. Not only did she eat her veggies at lunch, she advertised it! Tomorrow: asparagus!

  6. Wait, are we supposed to outgrow comments about what our burps tasted like? In that case, I'm not going to mention the conversation my husband and I had just last night...

  7. I'm quite use that humiliation exercise, too! My four year old asked me why I was stealing a scarf from Younkers the other day. Lovely. (No worries. I DID buy it.)
    Thank you for a good laugh!

  8. "preschool can be an exercise in humiliation." Hahahaha, oh mercy that's funny. I'm sure that could be the title
    for my mornings!

  9. That is too funny, love how kids always tell it like it is ;)

  10. Broccoli burps!! Fabulous!! Let's just be grateful it was coming from that end and not smelling like broccoli from the other end!!

  11. Oh, man! I feel your pain about opening your mouth and silly words come out! Sometimes I say stuff only to be met with polite blank stares. That's why I love blogging. I can test and retest the words to make sure they make sense. And if they don't, I don't actually have to see the blank stares.

    Here's hoping Mia grows to know when such sharing is appropriate, but there are some people (like me) that sometimes never learn.


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