Monday, March 22, 2010

Lions And Lambs

Friday of last week was the most gorgeous day. We played outside in light clothing, squinting in the sunlight and chasing the breezes around the park. It felt like spring had arrived, for good.

Saturday, however, the weather turned ferociously cold and snowy, and by Sunday, we were eating snowballs and bundling up once more.

Such a contrast: sipping juice boxes on a picnic bench, warmed by the sunny day,

And crunching icy snow two days later. March, thou are fickle.

Although I absolutely preferred the sunny, warm day to the cold,

The beauty was just as perfect in each.

Because although the squealing of laughter with friends under a cloudless sky is fun,

the silence of an icy day brings a sort of peaceful rest and pause.

Having a snow and ice storm on the first day of spring seems like a bad joke, but really,

it was the perfect way to slow us down and remind us that new life is still there, just waiting a bit longer for the perfect time to emerge. Even when happy homeowners jump the gun by putting out hopeful springtime signs a few days before nature is ready to acquiesce.

And since I appreciate a break when rushing headlong into energetic bursts of activity, I guess March is entitled to one as well.

How's your March been so far? Lions or lambs?


  1. Love all the photos! Your girls are too cute. The weather has been fluctuating here too. Here's hoping warm, sunny days arrive and stay for awhile the next time around :)

  2. Love those cute, contrasting pics! Our March has been very similar to yours (although I'm sure much colder). Our first day of spring had snow as well, which nearly brought me to tears. Luckily it melted yesterday and today is warm and sunny! Bring on spring!!!

  3. That's crazy! I'm waiting for one last big storm here... it was too nice over the weekend for it to stay :) Glad you got outside both days!

  4. We had a beautiful warm week, and then yesterday...cold and even a little snow.

  5. Love the photos!!!! And the Sat. column!! My mom saves me the paper... I know I could read it here but there is something so cool to say to people, "My friend Sarah writes for the paper. Have you read her column?" Hey what can I say your the only celebrity I know and I am so proud! :)

  6. I didn't really appreciate the snow that we got here over the weekend, but it's nice today!

  7. 65 on Friday...totbuckets and I took the dog to the dog park and ate ice cream cones.
    SEVERAL inches of snow when we woke up Saturday morning. My husband and I groaned. But leave it up to the tot to put it all in perspective: YAY SNOW! I LOVE SNOW!
    Super cute gals and lovely photos!

  8. What a cool post a contrast. That is March isn't it :)I love "squinting in sunlight" that phrase and really the whole paragraph there melted like butter in my mouth. You have a lot of talent as a writer:)


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