Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #55

1. I've felt like I'm up against some un-inspirational days or writing doldrums or what-have-you, so my friend Emily suggested I try waking up expecting to take pictures each day. As a creative outlet, a lens through which to become inspired, or a way to feel present...or maybe all of those things. Yesterday produced these moments:

2. Lauren had eaten almost no lunch (again) and was angling for snacks non-stop after being released from her high chair. I, of course refused -- no lunch, no snacks. While I was busy elsewhere, she managed to sneak off with a crunchy-wrappered something. I noticed her conspicuous silence along with the faint crinkling of cellophane, and went in search. She was hiding behind her bedroom rocking chair, trying desperately to open a sleeve of crackers. And although she'd hidden, she had no guile about being found. She merely came out, and asked for help in opening her prize.

3. She was quite reasonable, asking for 'just one, mama. I just want one, peese.' She tried to be so convincing. And it turns out, she was. She got just one cracker.

Who's a pushover? Oh, yeah. Me.

4. My sweet, sweet girls are getting to be pretty good friends.

5. And I love seeing them interact and laugh together. As long as those interactions don't escalate into arguing and whining and stealing each others' toys.

6. After a post-bath snuggle, they danced it up. The bed is their favorite stage, and their own competing voices are their favorite kinds of music.

7. Flossing teeth is somehow a favorite activity, one that Lauren begs to do alone.

And that makes us both happy.

Have a wonderful weekend and head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. But oh, that picture under #5 - just keep that around and you should never have doldrums again!

  2. I love those snuggly towel pictures. The lighting, for one thing! And the adorable babies, for another!

  3. Oh, I love all these pictures!

    And I apparently need to learn from Lauren how to like flossing.

  4. I looked at the snuggly towel pictures and just felt happy. Wished I had a sister. I think they will treasure those pictures as they get older. So sweet :)

  5. i'm not a mommy but i imagine it must feel good to see your daughters be friends.
    reminds me of my parents melting when my younger brother and i would share a moment... course it would quickly ruin the moment!

    lovely pictures :)

  6. what cute pictures how can you help not to be a pushover

  7. I used to tell my daughters that they would be friends, even if I had to BEAT it into them. It must have worked, because now as young women they are still friends.
    Somehow I just don't think you, Sarah, have the temperment to try that tactic.

  8. Awesome pictures! My favorites are the post-bathtome photos too :)

  9. Sweet pictures! Levi is crazy about flossing too. can take it or leave it, but he loves to floss.

  10. I'm so glad you're taking pictures! The first shots of Lauren with the crackers made me smile and kind of exclaim--and somehow also managed to soothe some of my recent Penelope related mealtime anxiety. Then the pictures of the girls after bathtime were absolutely stunning. (I'm totally going to reinact that moment at my house tomorrow! We'll see how it works.) And, of course, I always like to see pictures of jammie-clad girls...and YOU! I hope you'll keep taking lots of pictures. One day you'll be so glad to have them!

    (Thanks for the link, by the way. Given the nature of your post, I'm glad I just put up a bunch of new pictures!)

  11. What cute pictures. And #2, just cracked me up.

  12. Seems I'll be echoing the above comments - LOVE the snuggling post-bath photo! As I write this, my girls are upstairs telling each other stories (I'm spying on them via the baby monitor). These times fill me with so much joy and I just pray it will stay this way forever! Is that too much to ask? :)

  13. They are so sweet! Love the wet hair bath towel photos :)


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