Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post, #3

For this month's Saturday Evening Blog Post, I'm choosing one of my favorite posts from January to add to Elizabeth Esther's list. The post I'm picking is dear to me because it came from a dream. A dream so vivid as to make me wonder and relive it all the next day. I'm glad I had this dream because it made me hold my family a little tighter and because it lent itself to writing. I couldn't help myself: I had to write it down to remember it for later. And I had to share it with you all.

So check it out here if you haven't read it yet: This Is Just A Test.

And tell me: do you ever remember your dreams long enough to write them down?


  1. Loved this post... it was so emotional!

    And I have very vivid dreams that I usually remember, which seems unusual, at least among most of the people I've met. I really should start writing them down...

  2. Okay, I'm so glad I missed this somehow the first time and didn't read it until AFTER I knew it was just a dream.


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