Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've been having shopping envy lately, and purse shopping envy in particular. Sometimes I forget that we live in a newfangled age where window-shopping online is an option, and then when I do remember...IT'S MAGICAL.

Shop with me, will you? I went to Etsy, because duh. Thousands of gorgeous, handmade options at my fingertips. And here are some of the things I would have drooled over if I'd been able to caress them in person:

I think this one called out to me with promises of spring. That sweet little birdy is singing to me. Can you hear that?

Robin Black Birdy by Ikabags

I love the pleats and sunset-y prints splashed across this one. They're simple but noticeable.Mimosa Khaki by Ikabags

And I ADORE the details on this gray linen one. The lime accents? So cute.

French Linen by Ikabags

I must just be in a bright, colorful mindset right now to detract from winter's never ending cold. But if I had this gorgeous orange'd be like summer all year long.

And when I'm not in a summery mood, I've been fluctuating to cozy, flirty moods. It is almost Valentine's Day. Doesn't that holiday deserve a purse of its own?

But then my practical side reasserts itself...this black and white floral purse would be a nice compliment to so many of my neutral shirts. Neutral is my friend. At least when paired with a funky, patterned bag.

I do love this bold purple, too. Such a pretty little color. Not loud, but still eye-catching.

Here we are again with bright, springy, hopeful colors and patterns. This green purse looks positively energetic. My eyes just gravitate towards this stuff right now, as opposed to the gray and frozen view outside my windows.

Now these little beauties are quite a bit smaller and I love their colorful fabrics. This one just looks happy, don't you think?

Another sweet and romantic purse for a possible Valentine's Day date. Perhaps I should go on lots of V-day dates... are so close, yet so far. This purse reminds me of you, my pretty, blossoming season.

And OK. This one initially caught my eye with its sweet bow and wide panel at the top. Then on closer inspection, the pattern is bicycles. I couldn't decide whether or not I really liked them, but you know who would? My husband, the avid cyclist. He'd go gaga for the bikes. He'd be out of his mind with excitement that I was joining him in his love for bicycles.

Bike Ride by Katie Gariepy

And if he's out of his mind, he's more likely to overlook the handful of other purses I got at the same time. Bikes trump all.

Do you like any of these purses better than the others? I have trouble picking one favorite. Which is why I'm a terrible shopper.

Which one is your favorite? Or where do you shop when you need a good, adorable purse?


  1. I'm having heart palpitations! They just kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. I must go back to that first one--the birdies are so spring-like and I *can* hear them singing. I'd pick that if I had to settle down with just one bag for the rest of the season.

    I adore bags, too. It's the one item I buy new with the changing seasons. I perennially receive compliments on my cheap but trendy Target bags.

  2. Fun! You picked out some great purses!

    I love Memento Burgundy. If I were going to buy one, that's probably the one I'd buy. Actually, I like all the purses by Lireca. I might need to visit her shop!

    Oh, and the first purse (which I also really like...sigh...I think I maybe love them all) reminds me so much of the artwork on Geninne's Art Blog. Have you ever visited that site?

  3. Those are all really cute! My favorites were Wallpaper Coral & Memento Burgundy...but I like small purses and zippers are a must to contain all my junk. I'm so boring when it comes to purses, I haven't bought a purse in a long time. My mother in law buys me vera bradley purses from time to time and my sister in law gave me a very trendy hobo bag for Christmas which I have yet to use...but really need to since I need a makeover in the purse dept. Let me know which one you decide on!

  4. It's too hard to pick a favorite! I do love the first one, though. I'd say it's more of a soft favorite.

  5. I think they're ALL my favorite. Especially that one. And that one!

    Now I'm longing for spring...and for cute sundresses and sandals to wear with these purses!!

  6. Oh my. You had me at Wallpaper Coral. Adorable. And yes, I'm pretty sure it's smiling at me.

  7. My husband can thank you for the new purse shopping bug that I now have.

    The most wonderful thing about purses are that no matter how pregnant you are, or whether or nursing, or still using a pair of pliers to zip up your jeans post-baby…a purse will always fit.

    I love the second…the Mimosa Khaki by Ikabags. Neutral, but a splash of color and spring for fun.

    Here I come etsy!!

  8. Wallpaper Coral has my vote too! BUT.... It has to be tons bigger, like the orange ones. Those are my next favs!! :) How fun!

  9. The grey with lime is my first favorite. It's a combination of crazy and practical. Just like you. ;)

  10. Diane - It's so good to hear your perception of me...and that's exactly the purse that has been standing out to me the most! You know me too well :)

  11. Sarah!! I saw your post ob FB and had to check it out! Your blog is SO cute as is your taste in purses :) Thank you for the eye candy...I now am loathing several of those beautiful purses!!

  12. Oh, just squealing with girlish delight over here! I do love Etsy, and these homemade bags look so professional! If I had to choose a favorite that I would actually carry, it'd be a tie between the Mimosa Khaki and the Hermosa Purple.

    I have a closet shelf full of bags and only end up carrying my boring black and brown ones. You've inspired me to go pull out the bright ones!

  13. Online window shopping is the best!

    I LOVE that orange purse, it's so cheerful =)

  14. This post just brought some cheer to my dreary winter day!

    I couldn't choose a purse either -- those are all so cute!

  15. I have several of those purses marked as favorites in my Etsy! I will definitely be buying a new bag before I have my baby in May. Choosing just one will be impossible, though. :)


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