Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #46

A few weeks ago, Young Mom did her Quick Takes in a 'Random Facts About Me' style, and I enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd borrow her idea. Thanks, Young Mom!

1. I have to sleep with my feet covered, even in the warmest weather. They can't be hanging off the edge of the bed or peeking out from any blankets -- they must be safely tucked under covers. But not with socks on. I cannot sleep with socks on.

2. In fact, I'd rather be barefoot all the time.

3. I would probably enjoy shellfish if it weren't for the texture. There's something... bouncy... about it, on my teeth. Do you know what I mean?

4. For some inexplicable reason, I've grown indifferent to ice cream in my old age. It's too sweet, too rich, and too cold. But do people really not like ice cream? Is this a phase I'll outgrow?

5. I don't care how awful and terrible it may actually be, Dirty Dancing is still one of my very favorite movies. Sadly, I've still not been successful in convincing Justin to watch it with me. 10 years, and he still won't budge.

6. I truly love watching a lawn being mowed. The tall grass being tucked up under the mower and emerging short and even, the neat rows left behind, the cut grass piling's soothing somehow. And now, in the middle of winter, I'm almost fantasizing about watching a green lawn being mowed.

7. Before I began blogging, I read all the 'big' mom-bloggers. The famous ones like Dooce and Finslippy and Chris Jordan. Mom-101. Pioneer Woman. But since beginning my own blog, I've all but stopped visiting their sites. The only one I still visit from time to time is Pioneer Woman, and that's for her cooking. I realized that if I left a comment on any of those places, the writer would probably never notice it, and what I was truly looking for in blogging were connections. I wanted to make friends and share experiences. I wanted to write and read, but do it with friends. And now, I've realized something else -- the bloggers I've come to be friends with are more interesting and funny and engaging than any of the big-timers. Maybe it's because I feel connected with you all. Never's probably because you guys just rock.

Now it's your turn...tell me a random fact about yourself! And head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes to start off your weekend right!


  1. I always loved going barefoot, and yet in my old age I've realized my feet get cold in the winter. Wearing socks to bed was marked my first steps of truly turning into my mother.

    I actually like mowing the lawn. I think that's because we had a riding mower growing up, though, and I always used the opportunity to get a tan. You would see me out there riding along in my bikini. I really thought I was hot stuff.

    Yes! I love blogging within our community. (As funny as PW is, I got really tired of all her giveaways. And really jealous that she lived on a ranch. Now I just peek at her homeschooling posts once in a while.) The connections are great, and you, Miss Sarah, are awesome :)

  2. As you wish: I get immense satisfaction out of peeling the protective film off of glass or electronic keypads or similar things. We moved into our home and the previous owner hadn't peeled the film off of all the doorknobs' strikeplates - yes! Whenever I'm using a photocopier at work in a different part of the building from my own, I check the keypad for film - and it's often still there. And my husband's new minivan had film over the concave mirror that lets you look back and check on the kiddos - that's as good as discovering money on the sidewalk to me ; )

  3. #2- Me too!
    #5- Sigh... I just love Dirty Dancing. I'll watch it with you :)
    #6- I love mowing the lawn.
    ... And on that note, the random fact about myself is that I love mowing the lawn so much, when I was in military training and living in the dorms, I'd volunteer to mow my married friends' lawns just for the experience. It was therapeutic! And the result is, as you pointed out, very aesthetically pleasing :)

  4. Can ANYONE sleep with socks on? I hate the feeling of socks!

    And I know what you mean about shellfish...well, shrimp, anyway. Is that a shellfish? The texture of shrimp just kills me.

    And it IS more interesting to read blogs of people you connect with. The only Big Blog I read now is Amalah, and even that is loosing its appeal somehow. With a hundred comments on each post, there are about twenty people who have already said what I want to say.

    Actually... why don't you just write my Quick Takes this week? I can wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said! Even about the ice cream, EVEN about Dirty Dancing (but man does my husband make fun of it/me!).

  5. Ooo Fun! I can't stand to have my feet tucked in, I am always sticking them out of the side of the be much to my hubbys dismay. I love dance movies too! And I agree, I read all the big blogs before, but I enjoy the smaller ones more now.

  6. I totally get you on the lawn mowing thing . . . as long as I'm not having to smell it and sneeze!

    Ice cream: I can take it or leave it if it's just plain. But, if it has good stuff in it like chunks of chocolate or almonds or peanut butter cups, let me at it. Once I've dug all the good stuff out, I'll leave the rest in the freezer for David.

  7. I love your random facts...but I'm sure if you were in Italy you wouldn't feel indifferent towards gelato, trust me! :)

  8. I can't wear socks to bed either and I definitely prefer being barefoot. Well, except in my house in the winter, barefeet would turn purple with cold. Slippers are a must here.

    I think Chris is the only big-time blogger I read much and I don't comment as much as I used to. It seems pointless to comment on a blog that gets 100+ comments to every post. But Chris is really nice and has written me back every time, I've sent her an e-mail. But then I actually have been reading her blog since before she hit the big time.

  9. Marcos Mais TerraJanuary 15, 2010 10:48 AM

    Sarah, I always enjoy reading what you write. I never had much conversation WITH you but I had many conversations that you were the star figure in. Traveling with Justin and hearing him declare multipile times per mile how much he loves and missed you. I am very happy for both of you that he doesn't travel for work any more and that he gets to be home with you and the babies now. And it cheers me plenty to read your comments about Justin and the girls. I just LOVE it when husbands and wives are in love with each other and when their kids are surrounded by that love.
    I have your blog and The Former Optimist blog on my regular visit list. I also visit Malo Ga Kujilana and Orrkids, but they don't update their blogs very often.

  10. I don't like ice cream -- I never have! But I craved it when I was pregnant...weird! Maybe you're just going through a phase b/c it's cold out?

    And I totally agree about the big blogs. I read Big Mama and Boo Mama, because, well, because they make me laugh, but I really prefer to spend my time at the smaller blogs for the very reasons you just stated!

  11. I love this edition!!! You're one of my all time favorite bloggers... Remember me when you're big time.

  12. great list. lemme ask... are you a mower of lawns? or a watcher of lawns being mowed? ;)

    no ice cream? impressive. i stay away from it, but not from lack of temptation. sigh.

    i think my list of 100 things was enough for anyone to take in! having to come up with one more may very well make my head spin. ha!!

  13. "bouncy"... hah!
    I'm not a huge ice cream fan. Sometimes when it's loaded which chocolate and nuts and caramel and stuff... then it's more like eating a frozen snickers bar. But most ice cream I can pass on. Cake too. But brownies? YUM.

  14. Great Idea, Young Mom!!

    My feet must be tucked in at all times as well! Oh, and socks, don't even get me started on socks. I don't like to wear them at all. I think I could just wear flip flops all year round if it weren't for the strange looks!

    I never read any of the big blogs you talked about. Jumped right after reading yours and thats that!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Hi Sarah, I have read your blog off and on lately as you seem to follow a lot of the same blogs I do.

    I really enjoyed your QT's today! It's nice to get to know someone better...even an "internet" someone.

    I, too, am indifferent to ice cream now. Just once in awhile do I really want it.

    I like your blog!

  16. I like to wear fancy undies and not let anyone know. It is just a sexy, bad girl thing to do which is so not like me! But something I like to do anyway!

  17. Feel free to come back any time. I will try to be more funny for you.

    And for what it's worth, I notice every comment. Even if I'm so busy I can't always comment back anymore. It's one of my biggest regrets about having less free time these days. But eh, gotta buy diapers and pay for preschool. If I could find a job where I got paid for commenting I'd be on it in a minute!

    Does that count as a random fact about me? Or should I tell you that my second toe on my left foot is turned in at a 45-degree angle so when I get pedicures, I have to cheat and cut it on the backwards angle so that it looks straight.

  18. H-Mama - Sadly, I'm a watcher. My dad let me mow the lawn once as a teenager...and it never happened again. My lines were crooked and terrible, and I'm sure he was embarrassed about the mess I'd made. Either embarrassed, or sad that the job was still his :)

    Annie - Now when I see you, I'll always wonder...

    Mom101 - First: I'm flattered that you commented! Second: But embarrassed that I might have offended you! I'm really encouraged to know that you notice every comment, especially being as busy as you are. Many of the 'big' bloggers I listed were part of my inspiration for blogging in the first place, and I don't dislike them one bit. I've just felt more of a connection with the smaller ones. I'm sure your blogging friends feel the same way about you. And I'm not looking for funny blogs neccesarily...I'm looking for contact with the outside world. Including people with cheating pedicures :)

  19. We share many random traits (1-3 for sure). Here is an example of my complete weridness: Our car has dual climate control, and when I am driving and by myself in the front seat, I have to have both sides the same temperature, even though no one is sitting on the passenger side. If I'm just riding along though, I don't have to have them be the same. So weird.

  20. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies too! Always has been and always will be, hehe! :)

    As for socks...sometimes I sleep with socks on because my feet get really cold. My husband hates it! He'll be freezing and still won't put socks on to go to bed. I don't get it, LOL

  21. I don't really like ice-cream either.
    Which is good because I like ALL other junk food.

    I've been slowly taking all the big name bloggers off my reader and replacing them with ones where I have a bit of back and forth with the writers. Plus, there are so many good writers out there that don't have a big following. I prefer to follow them.

  22. That's a fun blog post! I admit that I still read some of the bigger bloggers if I like how they write, but I won't comment. What's the point? I also think that it's sad that you don't like ice cream, but I have to admit that I have to be in just the right mood in order to eat it. I like shellfish, but am sure to be thinking of the "boucy-ness" next time I eat it.

    Random fact about me... I have grape juice stains on my ceiling. Somehow I spilled grape juice on my ceiling! It was all over the floor, too, but I managed to get that out. I couldn't get it off the ceiling. It was the most impressive spill I have ever managed, and the splatter looked like a crime scene. I wonder what the landlord will say when I move out?

  23. I am LOVING your blog.

    And as for me, I prefer to be barefoot all day, but MUST sleep with socks on. My feet have to be covered or I can't sleep.

  24. Hmmm...I think I agree with about everyone of your quick takes!!

  25. I just love you.

    I have to have my feet OUT of the covers. I also love Dirty Dancing. I also love the movie Clueless and have yet to convince my husband to watch it with me. I totally agree on the ice cream thing...let's both hope it's a phase :)

    I hear that a lot, about blogging. I never read the big names but I've heard a lot of people say they quit reading them after they started connecting with people who would actually have a conversation. I understand that the big bloggers would have to give up too much of their life to respond, but I do think that personal thing is missing, so I too spend what little time I have, connecting with people who I "click" with...and I love it.

  26. CM - Haha -- Grape Juice?! What a feat :)

    Owl Mama - Thank you so much!

    Heather - You're SO TOTALLY BETTY! I adore Clueless. Let's meet up in the Valley someday, mkay?

  27. I wear socks to bed. I have to. I hate things touching my feet - other feet, hands, the cat, the dog, etc. The socks protect me...but, the odd thing is, I like pedicures. Strange, I know.

  28. I totally hate socks in bed- ugh! The very idea makes my toes curl. In the summer, I get hot and have to have ONE foot out. Freak.


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