Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend In Bullets

  • After thinking I wouldn't get to go see New Moon any time soon, plans changed and I DID get to go see it last night. I was not disappointed -- I enjoyed every minute of it, in a purely simple and fantastical teen-romance sort of way. I promise there were no tears in my eyes. Nuh-uh. Nor did I get goosebumps at any point. Nope. I'm much too mature and appreciative of true, classy art to have responded in such shallow ways. But nevertheless, I believe I'll try to go see it again, just because, you know, it was, um, pretty good. I guess.

  • While waiting in line at the theater, I witnessed no fewer than 30 women and girls sporting boots similar to mine. I carefully studied the ratios of jeans to leggings, and the probabilities of said jeans for bunching up above the rim of the boot. My conclusions are that a) all jeans other than skinny jeans bunch up a bit, and b) not many of the women had skinny jeans, therefore c) most of the boot-wearers had some bunching and seemed fine with it, and d) it looks odd to stare at women's boots while confined to a line full of teeny-boppers. Still, I am not quite ready to don my own boots in public, nor to offer a picture to the internets. No matter how much I love you. But you may keep trying to convince me, if you wish. My pride is wearing thin.

  • Also while in line, I met and chatted with a lady and her teenage daughter who were standing right behind me. I was so grateful to have somebody to talk to since Justin wasn't there; he met me later after putting the girls to bed. This lady was spectacularly nice. We talked about literature and kids and, of course, the movie. Both she and her daughter were so sweet and interesting that I was almost sad when the theater finally allowed us in to sit down. I know this sounds strange, but I kind of wished we'd exchanged phone numbers or something to get in touch later. Really, I wished she had a blog so I could get to know her better. I guess it's actually easier to make friends than I've always imagined, but you've got to take advantage of the opportunities when they pop up. Otherwise you're just left with a fleeting acquaintance and a vague sense of loss.

  • At lunch today after church, Lauren was enamored with a tiny baby sitting behind us at the restaurant. She got so excited talking about the 'baby crying!' (even though the baby was actually quite calm) that she couldn't easily verbalize what she'd wanted to. 'Baby kying! Baby kying! MOOoooo! Quack Quack! Waaaaaahhh!' was what came out instead. I do love that girl.

  • Late last week, we found out that one of our church friends lost their son in Afghanistan. He'd been in the military for 13 years and has two sons. This was a devastating loss for everyone who knew him. If you wouldn't mind sparing a moment to shower this family with prayers, I know they'll be appreciated.

  • Enjoy your Thanksgiving week! I think I can almost smell roasting turkey...almost...


  1. my heart goes out to your friends. so. hard.

    i'm beginning to think your boots are not ridiculous at all. must see proof. ;)

  2. Yay, you got to go see it!!! I liked it too, although I didn't feel it quite did the book justice. Nevertheless, I would totally go see it 1 or 8 more times.

    You're killing me here with the boot suspense. Pictures, lady. Pictures.

    Your Lauren is too sweet! Gabriel tends to mispronounce "crying" as "frying"- "Mama, baby's frying!"

    So sorry for the loss at your church... We will keep them in our prayers.

  3. 1. I will definitely pray for your friends who lost their son.

    2. Wear the boots. I have some Ugg-type boots (not real Uggs because, well, I'm not insane) that I wear on the outside of my jeans. I do not, nor will I ever, own skinny jeans. In fact, if you go as far opposite from skinny as you can - think VERY boot cut - that's my jeans. They bunch a tad but not noticeably. Wear the boots! Or don't . . . what size are they?

  4. Fleeting acquaintance/sense of loss: For two weeks this summer I sat next to the same mom while our kids took swimming lessons this summer. We chatted all through the lessons each day and kept an eye on each others' younger kiddos when needed. We were totally getting to be friends. Then the two weeks were over, and we both just kind of awkwardly said, "Well, see you you ever play at So-and-So Park? Yeah, we do too, maybe we'll run into you sometime..." and that was it. Haven't seen her since. I sort of wanted to exchange phone numbers, but was afraid it might be weird, so I didn't suggest I wish I would have!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son. We'll keep them in our prayers.

    Glad you had fun at the movie. Next time, wear the boots! (Oh, and since you were observing people) what did you think of the leggings look? I have a girlfriend who can pull that look off SO WELL, but I'm just not convinced about it for me. I don't know though...

  6. Came across these (on a celebrity gossip site . . . shhh) this morning and thought of you!
    (Sorry, can't figure out how to make a link in a comment)

  7. I did some people watching of my own this weekend and concluded that contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to be skinny to wear skinny jeans. So perhaps I will buy a pair to go with my boots. I'll post a picture if you will ;)

  8. I LOVED new moon! So, so much! And I agree with everyone else- PICTURE OF BOOTS PLEASE!

  9. Oh for the love of Pete... put the boots on and show us!!!!

  10. Emily - I do have a pair of leggings...and I'm conflicted. I feel conspicuous in them. Not so much as with the boots, though :) The leggings are pretty comfy, but I don't have enough long shirts/short dresses to wear them much, so my knowledge is quite limited. I just know that I felt somewhat naked in them. Like, checking to make sure my backside was actually covered, because it sure felt bare to me. By the time I ease into this trend, it'll be over!


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