Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Never Too Busy To Accept A Compliment

Over the past month, I've gotten some blog awards! Also over the past month I've been slogging through busy days and weekends and have put off acknowledging these awards. I'm very appreciative, though also very procrastinatorial. Also, based on that last word, it appears that I make up adjectives when I hit a vocabulary roadblock. Maybe there's an award out there for that...

But who needs that when I've got these little jewels?

Amber at Amber Page Writes and Sarah at And Then I Married A Missionary both gave me a Best Blog Award.

So sweet of them! The rules say to choose 15 newly discovered blogs to pass the award on to, but I had something else in mind. In the interest of saving time, I'd like to propose a different direction for my acceptance. If I'm accepting an award, shouldn't I get to pick my prize?! There are so many fabulous blogs out there, and what I'd like is to know one of YOUR favorite new discoveries! Where have you been visiting lately that I need to check out and fall in love with as well? Is it a crafty place? A cooking place? An artsy place? A hilarious or syrupy or literary place? A pretend adjective place? Let me in on your secret. Pretty please?

Next, Elizabeth at That Married Couple gave me a Dragon's Loyalty Award.

This award is for being a loyal reader and commenter on someone's blog. Apparently, I've made enough of a nuisance of myself over at Elizabeth's place that she can't get rid of me; maybe by giving me an award, she's trying to kill me with kindness. I feel like such an intruder on her thoughtful, well-written blog about faith and growth and family. She's so smart, and I'm...well...I make up words and break blog award rules. In this case, the rules state to pass the award on to 3 - 10 loyal readers. I think I can do that.

I really feel like, through the reliable and sweet comments of my most loyal readers, I've done what I came to do as far as blogging is concerned - made connections. Made friends to share stories and advice with. Built relationships with ladies I'm excited to hear from and listen to.

So, here are a few of my most loyal commenters - and some of the people I feel lucky to have found as friends. Their comments are very deserving of this award.

Emily at The Keeping Time. OK, yes, she was already granted this award by This Married Couple. But...she's double worthy. Her blog is full of true beauty - in pictures, words, heartfelt thoughts, stories - and it feels like meeting a friend for tea when I visit there.

Lenae at Just Lenae, was very often one of my only commenters a few months ago. I'd write something, wondering how quickly I'd hear back from her - and she's always come through for me. She offers laughter, encouragement, and friendship every day. How lucky I am!

Also, in an effort to keep my acceptance not completely legal, I'm also awarding two real-life friends who are loyal readers and commenters. My friend Jill who most often leaves comments directly into my ear, and my friend Katie who usually goes the traditional combox route. I need to do a better job of recruiting both of you lovely ladies into the blogosphere. Your lives would provide endless bloggable moments. And - I'd be a quite loyal reader myself.

Just know that while those are some of my most loyal commenters, I am THRILLED about every comment I recieve. They make me smile and laugh and think. They are one of the very best parts about blogging, in my opinion, and I'm so grateful when someone takes a minute to talk back to me. Thank you!

And thank you Amber, Sarah, and Elizabeth! You've helped make this busy month a happy one.


  1. Well, heavenly Sarah, you are most deserving of every award that comes your way, and I am honored to get a shout-out for my loyalty (and back atcha, buddy!)

    It's funny because the other day I was thinking about why I like your blog so much, and the post that kept coming to mind was the one about the bodyless kangaroo! Seriously, every time I think about it, I start laughing my head off...

    P.S. Oh, and just to clarify, there is LOTS to love about your blog other than the kangaroo post; that one's just my personal favorite :)

  2. Congratulations on all the awards! Your blog is definitely deserving. (I can't wait to read the kangaroo post!) Also, thanks for the Dragon's Loyalty award and for your sweet comments about my blog. If you're ever in Sicily you can come over and I'll make us an entire pot of tea! Of course...with all the kids in the same room I doubt we'd get to chat as much as we do through comments!

    As for a blog I think you might enjoy...have you ever visited Reading My Library? It's written by a mom whose reading the entire Children's Picture Book section to her kids--so she's obviously a good source for book ideas!

  3. Oh sweet blog awards. They are wonderful...


  4. Oh. My. I just read the kangaroo post! Hilarious!

  5. Hi Sarah! It's great to "meet" you! Congratulations on your blog awards. Your girls are SO precious (much to cute to be a fish for sure). I can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

  6. http://teamboo2000.blogspot.com/

    Love this blog, check it out. She is He-larious. ;) Congrats on all of your awards lady ;)

  7. Congrats, Sarah!! You deserve every award there is for A) wonderful blog posts & B) cute girlies!

    I think you've already found some of my new fav blogs... ;)


    P.S. That kangaroo head is just wrong...

  8. Well, Congratulations, well deserved! I know I sure do love reading your blog!
    P.S. thanks for the shout out


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