Saturday, November 7, 2009


With my new found love of aprons, I've been screen shopping my little homemaking heart out. To top it off Betty Beguiles had this wonderful post at Faith and Family Live about why she loves her apron, and it's all gotten me on an apron binge -- the likes of which can only be solved by some serious ogling.

These first few are from Anthropologie. All of their aprons are DARLING, but I fell for these immediately. This one looks so cheerful and full of purpose. Like a sundress with an agenda.

This one makes me feel like dancing through my cooking and cleaning, it's so fun and peppy. Everyone can use some pep in the kitchen, right?

Plus, it has a matching little girl's apron. Adorable!

And this one? Oh lordy. It's covered in the sweetest little birds and teapots. I could definitely host a sophisticated yet comfortable tea party with this.

Then I checked out Jessie Steele (as recommended by Betty) and found myself even deeper in this tunnel of apron-love. These pink poppies make me happy. So simple. So precious.

And this one with it's classy houndstooth fabric -- so refined. So capable of success.

But, I have to say my very favorite apron (at least from my most recent screen shopping binge) is this fresh and sunshiny little number. *sigh* I love those green stripes and that panel of lemons. The sweet buttons....swoon. The handy towel...genius.

If that weren't enough, there's a matching pot holder available.

Just think of the masterpieces I could serve up if only I were decked out to maximize both my feminine charms and my industrious abilities! Just think of all I could accomplish, if only...

If only I stopped drooling over aprons and actually got to work.

But the aprons would make it so much more fun to be working, see?

Totally justifiable.

Which ones do you like the best? Or, better yet, where do you go to ogle aprons? I'll meet you there shortly and we can swoon together. These things are done better with partners.


  1. Okay, I'm learning apron love from you here, so I don't have any great sites to share, but I love the one you picked out. It's so fresh and pretty...I might need one too! I also really like the second one you posted (with the matching child's apron). Really, you couldn't go wrong with any of these. Who knew aprons were still so stylish? Seriously! This is great!

  2. These are all adorable! I have a love affair with aprons myself. And one is essential now that I slop everything onto this enormous belly while frying those delicious coconut chicken pieces for dinner these days :).

    I like your first selection the best--can't set foot in Anthr. right now for fear it will send me into deep depression while my size is still in flux for a while.

    Check out Meg's apron patterns on Sew Liberated (I have a link on my blog) if you're feeling crafty. I'm also making C and L craft aprons for Christmas this year. I'll post pics if I ever get them finished, otherwise I'll be ordering that lil' green apron for L from Anthr. if my energy wears thin.

  3. What a cute post. I have dreams of making aprons. I think an apron would be a great way to learn sewing as I would think they would be relatively simple to make. Maybe I'll ask for a sewing machine for Christmas first.

  4. Learning to love aprons right along with you so no great sites to share, yet. Of your lovely options I'm split between the lovely green strip with lemons or peppy option 2 with matching child size.

    Decisions, decisions!!

  5. I'm not a huge apron wearer (and i have several), but these got me drooling. Especially the Katiedid one.
    The rest of my family are huge apron wearers, even my dad dons one wheneer he enteres the kitchen.

  6. I've had my eye on the second one you posted for a little while now. SO cute! I love that you share my apron love! ;)

  7. The first one and the black and white are my favorite but is there any way to make them look that good on me, you know, I want the mannequin figure (lol)

  8. Well, I must now thank you for my new apron obsession! I think I'm going to try to make one. I've been feeling a bit crafty these days. I'll let you know just exactly how bad it turns out!

  9. so cute! my mom actually made me an apron for my birthday last year and i LOVE it. Its super adorable...i'll have to post pictures! i even have the pattern for it still if anyone wants to make their own!!

  10. Oh, they're all so cute! And I also loved her post about aprons!

    You should totally sew your own. They're a very easy way to learn if you don't know how, and it's a lot cheaper (most of those were going for $35+). And then you'll feel even more domestically awesome!

    Then again, if you don't have the time or energy necessary to sew one, a good apron that you'll wear all the time will probably be worth the money. Good luck!

    And HappyGeek, my dad also dons an apron every time he enters the kitchen! I bought it from a craft store and decorated it with puffy paint years and years ago, and he loves it.

  11. Hey, Sarah~
    I'm an apron girl, too! My favorite apron (for now), is one I got at Anthropologie. However.... I found some gorgeous vintage strawberry fabric at a yardsale, and I'm going to try my hand at making my own.

  12. Too cute! I don't own any aprons, but I've seen some made out of dishtowels for my daughter that I want my MIL to figure out how to make! Maybe some day she'll get to it and we'll have the cutest little apron for her!

  13. My mom wasn't a big apron person so I have never thought to wear one myself (although I'd probably have many more unstained shirts if I did!) Add me to the apron-love club, though... I think all of these are gorgeous and shoot, I'd wear any of them even if I wasn't cooking/baking! You have fabulous taste, dahhhhhhling, from childrens' books to aprons ;)

  14. They are so pretty. I'd use them as decoration in the kitchen. Maybe frame one in a shadowbox, because aprons really aren't needed in my house. Take out isn't that messy :)

  15. Wow, I love all of them. Two out of the three aprons I own are really boring. And even my "cute" one is not as cute as these. I totally need "a sundress with an agenda."

  16. Don't get me started!

    Although, just looking at these aprons made me feel all purposeful and domestically industrious--and it's 10:58 at night.

    Maybe one of those aprons IS just what I need. Hmmm...


  17. Oh my goodness I love them all, I think the 1st 3 are my favorites! Do you have to actually DO housework/cooking to wear an apron? ha ha Maybe if I had the perfect apron I could be the perfect homemaker....I think you are definately on to something here...

  18. These aprons are too pretty I'm afraid of wearing it.. :)

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  19. That one with the poppies? I NEED it. Before Turkey Day, preferably. Maybe if I had a cute little apron, I'd have more prowess in the kitchen?

    Maybe? A girl can dream...

  20. I was never an apron girl until we moved to Pennsylvania and a friend gave me an Anthropologie apron as a housewarming gift. My oh my, I LOVE it! I wash it almost every night.

    Now that you've shown me all these others, I'm pretty sure I should have two aprons. Then I wouldn't have to wash mine so often, and I'd save money on laundry. Right?

  21. I like the peppy one with the green ruffle! Ah, if only I wore clothes nice enough to protect with an apron. :-)

  22. My favorite is the pink poppies. Who knew aprons could be so cute!!!


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