Monday, October 12, 2009

You're Silver; They're Gold; I'm Rich

There's something about old friendships.

They're constant. Time and cities and circumstances change, but when we're gathered into the presence of old friends, everything falls back into alignment. Like there were only hours between our last hug, instead of months. Like it's only been minutes since we heard each other's infectious laughter, instead of years.

This weekend at one of my best and oldest friend's wedding, (I'm guessing you can pick Annie out - she's the radiant one in white) I was reminded of why we need to see each other more often. We need to. Being with them felt like the most natural extension of myself - one that I forget to tend to on a regular basis. Since having kids, I've been the worst at keeping the connections strong. It's too easy to settle into my daily life and feel like I've got everything I need within the four walls of my home: husband, kids, food, internet (heh.)

Sometimes when I venture outside my comfortable home and the arms of my family, I feel awkward and misplaced. I feel like I'm biding my time until I can return to my kids, wondering every moment what they're doing, and jealous of anyone who gets to be with them while I must be elsewhere. But when I'm with my oldest friends, I'm just left feeling like they are a second home. With a second set of loving arms.

Why do I allow myself to forget how good it feels to be with friends who've known me longer than almost anyone and love me despite their knowledge of my most embarrassing adolescent moments? (Hello junior high clothing choices!) We can talk endlessly about things our manly counterparts have no interest in hearing again. (Hello Natural Family Planning!) We entertain and console each other as only girlfriends can, and when we look outside the circle of our own bent heads to see if our husbands are having a good time together, we realize they are having as much fun as us girls. Perfection.

Speaking of husbands, I feel truly blessed to have found one that gets along so well with my BFFs. How could he not, with charm like this:

Do you get to see your best friends as often as you'd like? If so, what do you do to make it happen? I need tips. Because I must make it happen. It's too wonderful to miss out on.


  1. I don't see my old friends as much as I'd like. We've moved around so much, so I've made friends all over. I'm grateful for FB, though it's not the same as in person, I still can keep in touch with those who've left a lasting impression on my life.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I have 5 of the best friends I could ever hope for from college and we don't get to see each other NEARLY as often as I'd like! When we do get together though, it's as if nothing has changed. We try to all converge on one person's house at least once a year -- but it needs to be more than that!

  3. I have one best friend who I went to high school with and three that I met in college who live across the US- as well as a few good friends who live in different countries. I NEVER see them, and I am HORRIBLE at talking on the phone. I'll occasionally start an email chain going (it always feels lame) and I actually did organize a trip back to Scranton to visit this last summer...but I sometimes find it hard to get together because I'm the only one who has a child. I know EXACTLY what you mean about it being hard to leave home and your family. I feel so lucky that I WANT to be around my husband and child- I prefer it over anyone else! But those friendships are pretty much sacred to me, so I put in the effort when I can to write and visit every once in awhile. They've all come to my wedding and made a huge effort to meet my son. Just because they're experiencing different life events doesn't mean they are any less visit worthy. I think I need to make more of an effort to be there for graduations and promotions and things like that. I probably rely on Facebook more than I should!

  4. Friendships are such a blessing!! Especially the ones that have history with you, and know all your dirt! Ha!

  5. I almost never get to see my old friends (although it's always great when we DO get together) and that's one of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much. There's no better way to stay in daily contact with lots of people at the same time--all while you're meeting new friends too! There's nothing quite like being face-to-face, but blogging is a pretty good substitute.

    You guys look beautiful, by the way! Sounds like the wedding was fun!

  6. Sadly, my best friends are scattered across the country. I try to see them all at least once a year! You ladies looked fabulous. : )


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