Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When I Think Of My Husband

When I think of my husband, I think of...

The way he held me up when I was in labor - His strong arms and encouraging words.

His color-shifting eyes: first deep brown, then warm burnt orange, then a hint of mossy green.

The look of adoration on his face when he sees his daughters.

The hundreds of times he's rushed to my immediate aid when a terrifying bug was about to attack.

His tummy-fluttering, heart-stopping, skin-shivering handsomeness.

His faithful, soul-searching journey to find God.

That spot on his neck - right where his shoulder begins - that smells of warmth and soap and whatever it is that makes him him.

The rich timbre of his voice when he's sharing his heart or his day - and how comforting that sound is no matter what the discussion is about.

His lips. Oh, his lips.

How secure I am in the knowledge that he loves me and truly enjoys being with me.

The way he makes me feel like I am the most desirable person in any room.

How proud I am of his strength and devotion to God and family.

The way I fit perfectly under his chin when he pulls me into one of the best hugs this world has ever seen.

How much more I love him now than I did in the beginning - back when I thought the universe couldn't contain the emotions my little heart held. But somehow, the universe just keeps expanding.

How lucky I am to have this man as my husband, and how much I wish for him to have all the best things in life.

Happy Birthday Justin!

I love you. (I married'ja, didn't I?)


  1. The two most important things:

    "His tummy-fluttering, heart-stopping, skin-shivering handsomeness.

    His faithful, soul-searching journey to find God."

    Sounds like a winner to me! :) Happy birthday Justin!

  2. That was so beautiful!! How great is it to have such a perfect soul mate!!
    Happy Birthday, Justin!

  3. I need to go hug my husband now.

    (You guys are a cute couple, by the way!)

  4. Great picture of you two.

    Sounds like you've got yourself a keeper. There's nothing better than a husband who adores his wife and kids. I'm lucky to have one, too.

  5. It always makes me smile to think how giddy you are about your husband. You're such a sweet couple.

    Hope you had a fun birthday celebration!

  6. Oh, how sweet!!!! :) BTW, I can't remember if I told you or not, or if you stopped by and found out, but I gave you a BLOG award! YAY!
    Check it out!


  7. What a great love letter! I know he probably treasured that on his birthday.
    Thanks for sharing your love--we need more of that.

  8. Aw, so sweet! Now I need to go be sentimental with my husband.

  9. Happy Birthday Justin. That is just the sweetest thing!

  10. This is so great!! Love the pic of you two...

  11. That posts a keepa. Print it of and stick it somewhere you'll find it in twenty years or so.

  12. If more wives adored their husbands like that -- the world would be a better place :)

  13. All I can say is... Amen for a good man. Amen. You are too sweet...


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