Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Dear sweet baby Lauren,

You are so precious. You are also so active - messing up the place and misplacing things on a regular basis - just like you are supposed to be. Which is why I blamed you for the recent disappearance of a debit card, when in actuality, you were not the responsible party.

You were not the one who bought stamps the day before yesterday at a little automated machine.

You did not place the stamps, receipt, and debit card in the cupholder of our vehicle, and then promptly forget about them.

You weren't responsible for me turning a lovely autumn-inspired shade of crimson at the checkout when I realized the card was gone.

At no point did you force me to drive across town to your daddy's office so I could swipe his debit card to complete my purchase. All the while my own debit card was sitting in the cupholder right at my fingertips.

You did not log into your blog and write up a scathing blame-placing post about yourself and your frisky tendencies.

You had no hand in me turning the house upside down searching for the card, which I was sure you'd hidden in a secret place. (Yes, I checked the Pop-Tart box.)

You did empty my purse that morning.

But as for the missing card, the fault is mine, all sheepish mine.

Please accept my sincerest apologies, little one. You may have a cookie after dinner tonight. If I can find them.

Your Scatter-brained mother


  1. hahahaa......this is too funny....and i feel it adequately describes my future to a "t" :)

  2. Confession: I pretty much blame EVERY misplaced item on the kids. I am the sheepiest of them all.

  3. Oh my! I do this too: blame the kids first, ask questions later. She definitely deserves an extra snuggle, and at least you found your card!

  4. Oh the torment of knowing now that the card was the whole time in the car!!! Bless your heart for saying you're sorry and taking the blame! :)

  5. Aw, what a good Mama, 'fessing up! I'm sure Lauren will forgive you for placing the blame on her.

  6. This is SO something I would do. (Except for the coming clean part...)

    You crack me up :)

  7. Isn't the reason we have children so we can blame things on them? Oh, and so we don't have to cut the grass for eternity.

  8. That is too funny...and hit oh so close to home!!! So many of those times at our house!

  9. Hahahahaha!

    Remember my comment? That it's usually not my daughter who misplaces things?

    LOL! :-) As you can see, I've done it many times myself.

  10. I love it :)

    Man, I've missed reading your blog, lady!


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