Friday, October 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #35

Which, actually, is not being hosted this week, but me being such a creature of habit, I've written mine anyway...

1. Mia's imagination has really begun flowing freely. She makes up games and words and songs all day, every day - making for lots of fun around here. Yesterday, something she said had me laughing for hours.

"Mom, I'm a super hero, OK?" she announced at lunch.

"Ooooh, that sounds like fun," I said. "What's your super power?"

"Nothing really, I'm just a super hero. But I can skunk people, too." This was spoken in her most matter-of-fact voice. I knew by her tone that this wasn't something to laugh at. Serious business here.

"Wow sweetie, you're a superhero skunk? I've never seen one of those before. What's your name?" I asked.

She needed to think about this for awhile. Then, decisively: "Tyrannosaurus Rex."

So, if you ever need a Super Skunk named Tyrannosaurus Rex, you'll know just where to find one. Amazingly, she smells wonderful.

2. Ever since Lauren's no good, very bad vomity day last Friday, she's been off her game. Not really sick, but not really well either. Fussy, sleepy, not eating much - and I have no idea what's bothering her. Yesterday morning she kind of felt feverish, and I was glad. Glad! Because then I could pinpoint a reason for her behavior, and treat it. Only, as the day wore on the 'fever' came and went, never really getting to the point of being HOT, but just getting warm now and then. I started to second guess if she really had a fever at all, or if I was just cold from our gloomy weather and therefore she felt warm. I could have taken her temperature, but doing that by myself was likely to get us nowhere, since she - for some strange reason - dislikes the rectal thermometer and doesn't really cooperate with it. Weird, right? Who wouldn't think that was the most acceptable place for a cold, pokey thermometer? Oh yeah - anyone with feelings, that's who. I'm hoping this weekend doesn't turn into a full-blown sickness, because it just seems like she's teetering on the edge of it. And the weekends seem to be when kids usually get sick. It's a germ conspiracy.

3. I read an article the other day about these guys who'd woven a golden tapestry with the silk of spiders. It sounds like the beginning of a creepy fairy tale, right? But it's true. The tapestry is beautiful, the means by which it was created gave me nightmares, and the pictures of the spiders they 'harvested' the silk from are purely terrifying. I can't believe I read the whole story without fainting.

You've GOT to go read it and tell me what you thought of it.

(This is like when my older brother used to say 'Here! Smell this thing! It's DISGUSTING!' Which, loosely interpreted, means 'RUN AWAY!')

4. No cute pumpkin cookies were made this week. See number 2, above. Not much in the way of productivity can been accomplished with an 18 month old clinging to my leg/hip/abdomen. But the snuggling makes up for it.

5. Well, I guess the 'no productivity' thing isn't entirely true - just productivity that's as involved as cut-out cookies which then need to be decorated. Because I did accomplish some hot rolls with dinner one night this week. They were big and round and fluffy and delicious.

The next morning as we were driving to school, I pointed out the moon high in the sky to Mia. (No, it wasn't that early. Just one of those really clear days where the moon was still visible in daylight.) I said, "It's a full moon up there, so we can see it even though it's not nighttime." (Yes, my scientific description is somewhat lacking. Try to focus on the cute story instead.)

"No. No mom." Mia stated. "Not full moon. Roll moon. Because it's like a roll. That's why it's called that."

And I had no rebuttal. It did look like just like one of my rolls...

6. Do you have a favorite color? I truly think I do not. Certain colors appeal to me based on my mood, or the weather, or even what I'm reading at the time. I think all colors can look beautiful when used in the right way, but I can't say there's one color that's my favorite above all others. My husband - right now - is saying, "Black. Black is your favorite - it has to be. Just look at your closet." But that's not true, either. Yes, I am drawn to black clothing. But that has more to do with my lack of fashion sense than anything else; I can never decide if something matches right or clashes with my skin tone so I settle for black and call it good. Maybe it's more accurate to say I am such a lover of color that I cannot choose a single one to call 'my favorite.' Or maybe I'm just indecisive.

7. I've been getting more and more disappointed in the Fall TV lineup. I don't watch very much anyway, but since some new shows have begun, I thought I'd check them out. Cougartown in particular has got me all rankled. It's just so...sad. Courtney Cox's character is recently divorced and trying to throw herself back into the dating pool. She's doing it as promiscuously as possible, taking advice from her party-girl secretary and her new-mother best friend. Both of whom are portrayed as terribly selfish and shallow - for punch lines, I know. But still. It's really sad to think that there are women out there who live their lives this way. It's sad in younger never- married women, too. But. I don't know where I'm going with this. Maybe I just feel like I'm getting old and my prudish thoughts are catching up with me.

Have you found any new good Fall shows that won't step on innocent sensibilities like my own?

Happy weekend!


  1. Um, let's see....

    Superhero: Now THAT'S original!!

    Little Lauren: Oh, I hope she's better really soon! (And that your weekend is healthy...)

    Spider thing: uck! I think it's odd... And why do spiders have to get SO big??

    Cookies: What, you weren't born with that 3rd arm to make cookies with when you were holding a clinging sick child!? Weird.

    Color: Hmmm... I go back and forth too a lot, but used to have a lot of black clothes too years ago. Now I love oranges and greens. And teals. And maze-type colors. :)

    TV: Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed in some of my regular shows. I used to watch Desperate Housewives and love it. I almost turned it off halfway through the first episode this season. Uck. The Duggars are about the only good thing on TV anymore...

    Did I cover it all, lol!? Have a blessed week!!! :)

    Moon: There's that wonderful rhyming again!! Full-Roll!! :)

  2. Hi
    Hope Lauren is feeling better soon and you get your happy cookie baking assistant back. Love Mia's commentary on the world around us.

    Favorite colors: Blue for everyday, purple for dressy. To look at I love the yellow's and orange's of autumn but they look awful on me.

    Fall shows: Have not gotten into any new shows yet, enjoying this season of Army Wives, and Top Chef, still on the fence about Gray's Anatomy

    Have a good weekend!

  3. About the favourite colour thing (mine is yellow and always has been but you would never know it from my closet): I have an amusing story. I had this professor who always wore all black... I even saw him at an aerobics class in black shorts, tank top, shoes, headband, even black socks...

    Anyway, at some social function, someone asked him what was up with the black clothing. (I forgot to mention he almost always topped his ensembles off with a black cowboy hat.) He said that his wife bought him a lot of shirts, and that one day he was looking in his closet, trying to decide which shirt to wear, and his brain just kind of shorted out. "I was looking at striped shirts, plain shirts, plaid shirts, bright shirts... and I just lost it." At that moment, he decided to wear nothing but black ever again so that he would not ever have to deal with such crippling indecision.

    Anyway, what you said about your black-heavy wardrobe made me think of that.

    (One would presume my favourite colour was red from my clothes, but actually it is my husband's.)

  4. Maybe Lauren is starting to get her 2-year molars and they're bothering her. ? Although I'm not sure that could explain the puking...

    I'm pretty sure my favorite color is green. I also favor white, but I think that'd be a weird one to have as your first favorite.

    Sorry Sarah, I really can't help you with the tv! The only show I really watch is The Office, but even that I'm starting to be disappointed in and turned off on. :(

  5. I'm really starting to think there isn't much worth watching on TV anymore -- since we moved ours downstairs, we hardly ever have it on but on the nights Dave works late I will watch. Lately I've just been turning it off and getting on the computer to blog hop -- it's more fun and much more edifying :)

  6. I'm 24 and am very prudish. I don't think it has much to do with age. I don't watch anything new on TV. I stick with Food Network, Biggest Loser, The Office, and Wheel of Fortune (I know, I know...) My guilty pleasure is Grey's Anatomy - and often that is too much for me to handle!

    Spiders are gross.

  7. I'm a creature of habit too!

    I love The Office!

  8. When little kids start having their own mind to think and say it's teh best. I serisouly love hearing the imagination on a child.

  9. I'm sorry, but if I watch that spider link, I'll end up dreaming about them. Or, nightmaring about them. (Is that a word?) Anyways, you'll forgive me for passing on it, right? ;)

    I wear a lot of black too. Purple is my favorite color, but I don't wear a lot of it. This whole color/dressing discussion got me thinking about an article I read awhile back about people who voluntarily dress in only ONE color.

    As for TV, I hear ya, sister. I've been digging The Office and the new show Community lately, but unfortunately there is some questionable content on both and I probably won't be watching them all that often anymore. Where's the good squeaky-clean entertainment anymore?!

    P.S. I am craving pumpkin cookies and rolls now because of you.

  10. What a fun post of tidbits!! Love these.

    Have a delightful weekend,

  11. LOL here! You have a great humorous style. I'm glad you stopped by my blog, because I will definitely love reading your blog. It's a rare talent to be able to write humor but also comment on serious matters.

    "Roll moon" makes perfect sense to me. We have "crescent moons," so their counterpart should be "roll moons." :-)

  12. Oh Sarah I hear you on life with a baby who's off her game! THe week before last my little Bella (2 years) was just, well, off. And then Grandma arrived and life was amazing, and now we're all sick! Well, there goes cookie making in our house, too. And muffins, and breads, and art projects. gggrrrr.

    TV - My hubby and I are totally addicted to The Amazing Race, CBS Sundays at 8. Teams compete for $1M, but there is no voting off, just competing tasks as they travel around the world. The relationship dynamics change and often grow, and the travel aspect captures me with them often doing things that are traditional and native to that country. (We DVR it so as to watch it uninterrupted after bedtime.)
    I'm also a fan of a cooking show called "Good Eats" which is this crazy science food guy. He's interesting and funny and not at all like a typical cooking show. And that about sums it up for decent TV these days in our house. I happen to love CSI also, but I would never recommend that as it often offends my sensibilities.

    Hope Lauren feels better soon!

  13. Have you checked out Glee? It's on Fox wed. nights I think. It's completely ridiculous and addicting...silly fun.

  14. LOVE the super hero bit! Just love it...and as for TV lineups...probably not a lot out there...just sayin'. I always find myself a bit disappointed as, in general, I stick to the occasionally movie w/ the hubby. But, mostly the internets and fun crafts. :)


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