Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Snippets

Me: *dancing with wild abandon to the Veggie Tales theme song*

Mia: *smiling* I....think you shouldn't dance, mama.


Mia: Hey Dad, could we please go do the moving steps at the mall? PLEEEEASE?!
Justin: Hold on kiddo, I haven't decided yet.
Mia: But I just asked nicely!
Justin: I know you did - that was great! But I still don't know yet.

30 Seconds later...

Mia: Hey Mom, Dad doesn't know if we can DO the moving steps! Can we?
Me: He and I need to talk about it before we decide, just wait a minute.
Mia: *Running back to Justin* Hey Dad, COULD YOU PLEASE SAY YES?!


*Justin and I are having a serious conversation, and we keep forgetting that these may need to be had away from little ears.*

Him: I can't stand this. Just take a pregnancy test so we'll know.
Me: Babe, I KNOW. I'm not pregnant - and I don't want to waste a test. Don't worry about it!
Mia: Dad, I'm NOT pregnant.
Him: ..... *crossing himself*


Me: *proudly* Did you notice how clean the kitchen is?
Justin: Oh, yeah - I thought it looked different.


  1. Love 'em!! I just love your Sunday snippets, and I just love that Mia, she is so funny....just like her momma!!

  2. I vote for the pregnancy test! Oh wait, was it up for a vote? 'Cause if anything's up for a vote, I say it's time for another baby!!

  3. Broccoli, celery, gotta be...Veggie Tales! :-D

  4. Hi. I'm a first time visitor and I think you are hilarious.

    And your daughter is great too.

  5. HAHA, these are hilarious! My 2 yr old does that with singing - we will be singing something together ( Veggie Tales songs are a recurrent theme in our repertoire) and will will gently shush me and and say "I sing it my myself, ok Mama?"


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