Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (Haiku)

Thanks to Stephanie at The Little Stuff of Life for hosting this fun poetry carnival! You all should participate too - I'd love to read your poems. If I can crank one of these babies out, anyone can; I am extremely under-talented in the poetry department. As in I know how to rhyme two words together, and isn't that the definition of a poem?

No? Shoot. Well, it'll be fun to do anyway, and that's all I ask out of life.

This month's style is Haiku (following a 5-7-5 rhythm of syllables) (no RHYMING?), and I'm about to lay it on ya.

Are you ready?


Her constant questions
leave me breathless with answers;
the cycle repeats.

Oooh - so deep, I know. Haiku makes me feel philosophical. Or something.

Check out the other Haiku submissions and write your own soon!


  1. I'm sure if I was really poetic and deep, I could find some sort of hidden meaning. I could write a disertation about how brilliant that haiku is.

    I'm not. But I'm sure it's brilliant...

  2. I love haikus! And I think it's deep in its own special way :)

  3. Wow, I can hear the exasperation! Hope you had fun writing your poem, though!

    Thanks for joining in!

  4. Story of my life, lady, story of my life. I have girls who are 3 and 1, also - I bet we have a lot in common!

  5. Chelsea - If you succeed in finding some deep meaning there - I'll buy you a milkshake. But first, you'll have to explain the hidden meaning so I can understand it :)

    Lenae - Special, as in, shallow? ;D Now there's a hiaku topic: something shallow and deep at the same time...

    Stephanie - Yes! I'm surprising myself with how much fun this was!

    noteverstill - Between our two households, I imagine we corner the market on constant questions about why oranges don't come without membranes :)

  6. I think it's deep in its own way! Only a mom would understand!

  7. Short and sweet, love it~~ Now for my two cents- Why is it that us Mommies can answer a million questions in a row, just rattle them off to the kids until they are FINALLY satisfied and say, "oh". BUT... the FEW times Daddy gets asked a question he gives some kind of crappy answer like< "Just because"... ruining our perfect parenting in that one sentence. I guess there IS stuff Daddies are better at than us when it comes to the kids. I just hate when he does that!!


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