Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #28

1. This week has been rough. For the following reasons:

2. My husband has been working long, hard days, and not getting to spend as much time with us as usual. On top of missing special time with the girls, he's just been run ragged. The upside? He has a vacation week planned soon. *relief*

3. Mia and Lauren began Preschool and Kid's Day Out this week. It's been an emotional roller coaster for me. The upside? They both had fun. *relief*

4. My mom has been out of town on a vacation to the Gulf Coast. And as attached as I am to seeing her EVERY day, I miss her terribly. It was especially hard to not have her here when I was having so much trouble handling my anxiety over Lauren's Kid's Day Out. I am SUCH a mama's girl. The upside? She'll be home tomorrow. *relief*

5. I feel like my creativity (while stunted to begin with) has been sapped by this week with no end. I'm starting to feel like my funny, light posts are being overtaken by heavy, boring posts about my worries that you all are just politely enduring. The upside? The week is over! I can start fresh with some silly stories which won't leave me (or you) feeling blue after the editing is done. *relief*

6. Nearly every time we've fed the cat this week, we hear a scuffle and some tremendous chomping noises soon after. We look out the back door and are greeted with this sight:

An entire family of Raccoons stealing our cat food. The upside? They don't hang around for more than the time it takes to polish off the food and wash their little hands in the water bowl. They skedaddle and are not seen again until the next evening. *relief*

7. This has happened twice:

Every single stuffed toy in our house, along with some blankies and babies, was piled onto our queen sized bed. Causing untold hours of mess and cleanup time.

The upside? It was fun. The further upside? And I am now so convinced of our overabundance of stuffed animals, that we needn't EVER purchase another one again. Ever. *relief*

Spice up your Friday by checking out more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary, and enjoy your weekend! I plan to; hubby's off work, my mom's coming home, my kids will be in my arms, I'm taking a few days off from blogville, and...maybe the raccoons will migrate north?


  1. But, but... the raccoons are so CUTE! ;) Enjoy your weekend with the hubby and your sweet girlies. And no worries about less-than-uproarious posts; we all have our slow weeks. Besides, I like ALL your posts (and I linked to one of them this week on my Quick Takes! Hope you don't mind!)

  2. I'm waving to your mom down here on the Gulf Coast!!

    Raccoons are nasty nasty nasty.

  3. 7 loos like a lot of fun. I hope this coming week is easier for you. :)

  4. Sarah, your posts have been great this week--honest, torturous, joyful at times, but never boring. I've been in a creative rut this week, too--not inspired to write about much of anything--but I've found your blog inspiring. Here's to a better weekend!


  5. I'm sorry you've had a rough week, but I love your upsides. And the raccoons are great!

  6. Lenae - Of COURSE I don't mind :) Thanks!

    Chelsea - Maybe the Gulf coast is the place to be and I'm a schmuck for being all the way up here while you all are having so much fun :)

    Carrien - I'll admit that those toys were pretty fun to make nests out of. And after all, what are toys for, but to play with?

    Danielle - I'm so glad to know you've enjoyed our week :) You've made me smile with your nice words - thank you!

    Amanda - I have to look on the bright side...I'm a positive person, and I can't stand to leave things unhappy :)

  7. Racoons! the bane of my birdfeeder existence. I won't say here what I do with them when I trap them. No I don't eat them.

    How nice to have your mom so close!

  8. what a sweet little girl.

    it will be ok with kids day out and preschool.

    and those raccoons look feaky

  9. I think the picture of the raccoons is too funny with the cat all huddled in the corner. I can just picture him saying, "Mama DO soemthing, they're eating my food!" Poor kitty!

    Be VERY glad we didn't see you while we were visiting the Show-Me State. We have all had the throw up bug (although my mom swears it's the swine flu, gasp!). Nolan started it on Saturday while we were there. (I think I lost 10 lbs!)

  10. I have been so behind lately with no time to get to a computer, but I read your whole week just now and REALLY--I enjoyed every word! Boring--never. What a fun life you have. During those weeks that seem to never end, just remember that life will smooth out and (although the ripples will appear somewhere else, they always do) husbands and mothers come home, little girls enjoy their time away, and your creative flow will return. You so remind me of myself about five years ago. I enjoy reading about your life.

  11. I don't know which I like better, the photograph of the raccoons with the cat in the background, eyes glowing and tail in full brush, or the idea of the raccoons using the water dish as a finger bowl!

    It's funny how stuffed animals tend to do that--ours used to, too, without (ahem) any help.... ; )

  12. I think you strike a good balance between light-heartedness and earnestness in your blog. Your posts this week have been terrific--heartfelt, meaningful, and relatable. You're a great writer and you seem like a great mom.

    Are you guys going someplace fun for your vacation?

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I love to hear how God is using what He's teaching me in the lives of others.

    Oh, and please don't send those raccoons north. We're in Canada. ;o)

  14. Debbie - You have me way too curious about your use for the coons...

    Babyahyah - Thanks for your encouragement!

    Danelle - I was SO sad that we didn't get to see you guys! I should have made plans with you beforehand instead of relying on Eric to call me when you guys were doing something. Hope everyone's feeling better, though!

    Jenn - Your comments are always so sweet...thank you! I need the encouragement that things will even out all in due time, and hearing it from someone like yourself makes it seem even more certain.

    Fencing Bear - The cowering cat in the background is my favorite part of that picture too - so funny!

    Emily - I wish we had big vacation plans, but since it's still up in the air how long he'll be able to take off work, we're just planning a few short day trips. The zoo and such. But it will be nice to have him all to ourselves, and that is what I'm SO looking forward to. (And when you said I'm a great writer and a great mom, well - that just made my day!)

    Dina - Thank you for returning the visit! I really have no fear that the raccoons will leave any time soon *sigh* You're safe :)

  15. I thought those raccoons were adorable! Granted, not at my house. LOL.

  16. I remember doing that to my mom's bed with the stuffed animals (and now I understand the suspicious lack of new ones after that!).

    And the racoons - my dog would lose her mind. We have ONE that visits every evening and she tries to get through the door, I can only imagine if it brought friends!

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting my blog!


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