Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (Quatrain)

Today is Perfectly Poetical Tuesday over at The Little Stuff of Life, and though I've never participated before, I thought it looked like fun. Plus, the assignment is a simple little Quatrain which immediately popped an idea into my head, so I couldn't resist. Here goes, my PerPoTues submission:

I wish I were a lady
who could stand a bit of sweat.
But I find a piece of shady
ground often suits me best.

I hope this is right - because it speaks directly to the heart of my feelings about summer. Mainly that I wish it would cool down, already! The shade under a big, green tree is about the only place I would want to be outside on a hot summer day - accompanied by a glass of sweet iced tea and a Jodi Picoult novel. Ok, now I'm talking myself into actually desiring that hot summer day...quatrains must be powerful brainwashers...
Visit Stephanie's blog for more Quatrains; I'd just about guarantee they'll be better and more technically correct than mine!


  1. Love it! It describes me too :)

  2. That's great! Perfect for summer!

    So glad you joined in! And, seriously, don't worry about the whole technical correctness thing. It's all about having fun - no need to sweat it! ;)

  3. And I wish it would HEAT UP. It didn't even get to eighty here today! Powerful brainwasher indeed to get us both longing for the sun! :) heh heh

  4. Nice poem! That's the key - have fun with it! :-) Hope to see your poetry again!


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