Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Harvest

The garden fairy has been visiting my back yard. Who knew when I started out with this that it would actually grow big enough to produce food?! I went out yesterday morning to water the veggies and decided that they were growing so well, I had to document it for your viewing pleasure. Whether you like it or not. But green is supposed to be soothing to the senses, right? So there's that, if you're veggie averse.

When I took a closer look at those green beans, I wondered, hmmm...at what point are these mysterious creatures supposed to be harvested? I have vague memories of picking green beans from my grandma's vegetable garden and snapping huge bowls full of them, but I couldn't remember how big they were supposed to be. I picked them anyway.

Along with some broccoli! I never really expected to get any broccoli at all since I planted it so late, but we've got several um...heads? growing really well. The one I picked today was just about too far grown. Again, I wasn't sure when to pick it, so I just kept a close eye on it. Meaning, I checked the garden 2 days ago when I last watered and forgot to check on the days we got rain. And now I'm afraid that the broccoli is about to start shooting out tiny flowers from the florets; they're just so plump. (We all know how I feel about flowers...) I'm giddy with excitement over here, if you can't tell. I ramble when I'm excited. Did you care to know that? Sorry. Back to the vegetables.

May I present to you, my first EVER homegrown harvest? Small but beautiful. The green beans were delicious with last night's dinner.

STRAIGHT OUT OF MY BACK YARD!! It's like a little miracle - I'm nearly speechless from delight. Nearly, I said. I can probably manage a few more words. Lucky YOU!

While the beans and broccoli I picked yesterday didn't amount to much, the rest of the garden is bursting with life as well. Here's what I'm looking forward to.

This will be a red pepper sometime soon, if my luck holds true. It's covered with more caterpillar repelling powder right now because I FREAKED out when I saw a brand new generation of the little suckers feasting on my broccoli greens. I may have sprinkled with slightly more gusto than was necessary, but those caterpillars are conniving. Trying to make off with MY miraculous veggies? I'll show them.

And you know what these are: green tomatoes. Soon to be bright, shiny, red beauties. I think I'll have more tomatoes than I'll know what to do with. Now I understand why so many people are giving away bags of veggies every summer. You can't grow just a few. One plant produces so much, you're left with an abundance no matter what. And since I know squat about canning or preserving? You're all welcome to come get some 'maters from my backyard.

Once they're ripe, I mean.

And assuming the caterpillars stay away.

And the critters.

Oh, and as long as severe storms don't blow them all away and pound them down with hail.

And you can't have the funky, double-lobed ones. Those are like little veggie freak shows. I've gotta keep those.

But, if there are any left after all of those stipulations and after I've eaten my fill?

You're welcome to them.

For a dollar apiece.


  1. Yay for homegrown veggies! I am jealous and in awe :) P.S. Feel free to stalk away on my family blog too... the more the merrier!

  2. You are so funny and your garden veggies look fantastic (even though I'm not a veggie lover). What do you use to run off the bugs...I've got a strawberry plant and I'm afraid it's going to get eaten before they are ripe enough to harvest

  3. Your garden pictures look delicious! Our garden hasn't produced anything edible yet, but the squash is blooming, and I am so excited!

  4. I am so jealous...I totally have garden envy. Stupid Texas heat, stupid Texas clay (its not worthy of being called dirt). It takes us years of blood, sweat and tears to get plants well enough established to even give fruit or veggies...That's it I'm moving.

  5. I'm impressed too! Seriously, nothing tastes better than a home-grown tomato.


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