Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Feeling The Mother Love

I know Mother's Day was yesterday and all, but I was too busy being lazy to accomplish anything blog-related. I got to spend most of the day at my mom's house, letting her chase my kids around while I ate the bread pudding I made as a gift for her. Not too shabby, eh?

Really, I just wanted to say mushy things about how amazing it is to be a mom. How wonderful my baby girls are. How precious their voices, how sweet their fuzzy heads. How unbelievable it feels to know that they have been entrusted to Justin and I for the foreseeable future.

How funny Mia is when she's being dramatic (so, all the time). How cute Lauren is when she picks up too much momentum in her frankenstein walk and ends up running straight into the ground. How I jump up to console her only to hear her RAWRRR with delight and start over again.

How I love to hear Mia tell me a secret I love you mama. How adorable the girls look sitting in their swings next to each other, with the breeze gently rocking them while I look on, too misty eyed to snap out of my daydreams. How handsome their daddy is while rolling around on the floor with those two giggling children.

How surprised I am that I don't get grossed out when a snotty, sloppy kiss is bestowed upon me by my baby Lauren, complete with the mmmwuah sound. How I could stare into the blue eyes of my daughters for all of eternity, and still find new ways to express their beauty.

How blessed I am that my job. It's my vocation. It's my life.

Happy Mother's Day to me.


  1. Thanks for the reminder of what beautiful blessings our children are. Coming off a nice Mother's Day weekend away, Monday was a real slap in the face back to reality kind of day and I ended the day with more grumbling about motherhood than gratitude for it. This was a great post to read this morning to put me in a better frame of mind.

  2. I love being your Mom!


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