Friday, April 17, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #10

1. Last week I saw a picture on Daring Young Mom's blog of a sign in a parking lot reminding shoppers to bring their reusable bags. It cleverly states, "A bag in the hand is worth 2 in the car." She goes on to mention that she not only forgets the bags in the car, but also forgets to give them to the cashier.

I had to laugh at that, because back when I first got my reusable shopping bags, I frequently forgot to hand them over at check out time. Then as time wore on, I'd just forget about them altogether, leaving them at home or in the car. All this forgetting also extended to my painstakingly located coupons, but that's another post.

Seeing that cute sign made me pull up my britches and vow that I'd do a better job of toting my bags into the store more often. Starting with my very next shopping trip.

When shopping day rolled around, I made a point to fold all my bags nicely and sit them right by the baby (*choke* she's a toddler now...) in the carseat so I'd remember them. I carried them proudly into the store, noticing the people in the checkout lanes as I walked past and their lack of reusable bags. I thought about all the plastic bags those people would be consuming, and smiled a little to myself - no plastic for

Any guesses as to who forgot to give her bags to the cashier YET AGAIN? Certainly it couldn't have been MOI?! Oh, but it was.

I wiped my smug smile off right quick, but it took some doin' - pride is a clingy substance.

2. Danelle - a friend of mine - has been searching high and low for the perfect name for her new baby boy who will be born in June. (She has a poll up on her blog; you should go cast a vote for your favorite name.) I found this cool site,, with Danelle in mind, but it's really fun even if you're not looking to name a baby. I spent quite a while messing around with personality trait combinations and perusing the site's suggestions. Check it out and tell me what you think. Especially you, Danelle! Maybe it'll give you some more choices or just some fun for a few minutes.

The truth is, I'm always looking to find that perfect baby name...I'll just have to have a really large family in order to accommodate all the beautiful names I've claimed we'll use one day.

3. I need a scholar's help. How am I related to my cousin's cousin? We share no blood, but my aunt is her aunt, my cousins are her cousins. Is she my second cousin? Is she once or twice removed? How in the world is that relationship properly expressed? Is "cousin's cousin" the best way?

All this to say: check out my cousin's cousin, Becky's, blog. She has a beautiful post up announcing her miraculous pregnancy after years of infertility and adoption. Her two adopted children are miracles in themselves, but it's wonderful to witness her joy and faith at this new surprise. Her words are a great reminder about the frailty of our own plans and expectations in light of God's work in our lives.

Blessings to Becky and her family on their newest miracle.

4. Speaking of blessings...I have dirt in my raised vegetable bed! Hooray! It's late in the season to plant some of the things I had hoped to plant, but our weather has been so iffy that I'm glad we've waited. Freezing temperatures have been taunting us for a few weeks, but I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and Plant! Some! Veggies! Surely my enthusiasm alone is enough to keep the frost away.

5. I ran to a convenience store yesterday to grab some vodka for a recipe I'm making, and went to the cashier with the vodka and...Oreo Cakesters. For some reason, I think it's hilarious when I purchase such weird combinations of items. I always imagine the cashier thinking odd thoughts about me...and why that pleases me, I do not know. But whenever I buy something like broccoli with ice cream, or ketchup with pop tarts, I'm secretly giggling inside. It's no wonder I forget about things like reusable shopping bags, what with all the CRAZY taking up residence in my mind.

6. I wish I could figure out how to post a video, but since I don't have the time or energy for that this morning, I'll post the link to a video instead. You should really go watch this video of a jump rope routine. My brother sent it to me, and though I have no idea how he finds these things, it's flat out fantastic. Really. My jaw was on the floor. Watch it, and be impressed by the physical coordination that some people are blessed with.

OK, that last part is just for me. I have the coordination of a dizzy baby deer. Think Bambi only worse - Bambi wearing his grandma's prescription bifocals. That's me. So, yes - I was way impressed with those jump ropers.

7. And now I'm out of quick takes. I knew it would happen one day. Mia's endless talking, questioning, and singing has left me bumfuzzled and thoughtless. At least for the moment.

Enjoy your weekend, and check out more Quick Takes over at Jen's.

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  1. Wow, that jump roping video was incredible! I've never seen anything like that in my life. I'm going to go google that just in case one of my daughters turns out to be a jump roping prodigy and I need the info. :)


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