Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em

When Lauren was born, Justin and I tried to decide what to do about the baby monitor situation. Mia was over 2 years old so she didn't really need a monitor in her room, and we didn't want to buy a second monitor for the baby's room. Plus, we'd heard about 2 monitors interfering with each other, picking up stray signals and distorting the channels. We decided no to get a second monitor - we'd take Mia's away.

However, as Lauren's birth drew nearer, we started having second thoughts. Yes, Mia was a 2 year old, but I'd never slept a night without hearing her every move from the monitor on my nightstand. To cut that connection off cold-turkey seemed a harder task than I could bear.

The problem was solved when we received a digital monitor as a gift for Lauren. No interference issues, no money spent (by us anyway), and Mia's monitor could stay put. I was a happy camper for not having to make the hard choice.

And I still am a happy camper. Until, that is, a coughing sickness comes along. Then I'm ready to smother that monitor, crush it, toss it out the window where it'll be picked up by a family of raccoons and torn into teeny tiny bits of unrecognizable plastic.

Which is the point I'm at right now. Mia's poor cough is a chest-rattling, gag-inducing, middle of the night torrent of noise. And it happens in my ear, straight from the monitor.

So what do I do? I turn it off. I can hear her every cough from the next room, and I can certainly hear when she cries for her mama - there's no need for the monitor.


Here's where it gets weird.

I can't stand to not hear her magnified noises. When the monitor is off, I panic at every sound, bolt upright in bed, straining to hear if she whimpered or if it was my imagination. I feel like I'm neglecting her because I can't hear her.

I feel like I've removed her from my self.

(Even though I distinctly remember that particular event on the day of her birth.)

This monitoring has become an unhealthy addiction - Where will it end?

Is it alright to hide a monitor in a teenager's room?

Surely she won't mind.


  1. I had this same problem with my kids (or myself I guess, I shouldn't blame my craziness on them!). I wasn't able to get rid of the older kids' monitor until we moved to a new house. Then for some reason it seemed easier. I just never put one in their new room so it seems normal now. So good luck if you don't plan on relocating any time soon!

  2. I could never sleep with a monitor on my nightstand. In my experience, when we used one, by the time I decided their noise was enough to warrant going in, I could hear them without it. If I need to go to them, they'll be loud enough for me to hear through the walls.

  3. So it doesn't get any better? I carry the monitor with me around the house, even though I don't need to, I don't know what it is-I don't even like the thing, I dont think it works very good but I am also obsessed with hearing Savannah's every little noise while she's away from me. Travis just nonchalantly says Savannah's crying, he doesn't need the monitor, why do I? So I guess what I meant to say is, you're not alone.


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