Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Was Good While It Lasted

One of my very favorite new year's resolutions has come to an end. Justin and I promised to clean the kitchen together every night after the girls were in bed, and all I can say is: not so much.

We did really well for about 2 weeks. Isn't this the normal life-span for a resolution?

It's gotten hard to stick with it because Justin's got so much going on lately on weeknights. He's taking classes for his Master's degree, helping with RCIA classes, and going to the gym, so he gets all these good reasons to not clean the kitchen.

Pathetic excuses, right? No, I can't blame him (the wiseguy). He actually has important things he's trying to accomplish with his time right now.

Whereas I can't gather the willpower to do it by myself instead of sitting down to watch The Bachelor or read some blogs. When the girls are finally in bed, my time is spent being still and accomplishing next to nothing. So, it's back to cleaning in the afternoons before I make dinner.

Now, is it my imagination, or was I complaining not too long ago about making enough time in my day for more meaningful play with the kids?

I suppose I could revise this kitchen cleaning thing into more of a resolution for myself, and count on Justin's help on the nights he is free. That means I have to get off my tush, using my own motivation.

When Justin helps, it's just so much more fun. I'm sure if I tell him that, with a sweet little look on my sweet little face, he'll quit that Graduate Program any day now.

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