Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #3

1. BoldYesterday, after I picked Mia up from preschool, I was asking her about her morning. We got started talking about how much she enjoyed her lunch, and I tried to get her to tell me everything she had eaten. I packed the lunch myself, but I think it's fun to see what she remembers, what she liked, what she didn't like, leading to what the other kids had...for some reason this conversation pleases me. Yesterday was no exception.

I asked what kind of veggies she had, and she answered correctly that she had had red peppers. Then we went on to the fruit, which was strawberries & blueberries. She was pretty excited about that, telling me that blueberries were her favorite fruit. So I asked what her favorite vegetable is, and she enthusiastically yelled, "Fruit!"

I can see her logic there, and it's too cute. Fruit is also my favorite vegetable.

2. Speaking of fruit, when I got groceries earlier this week, the kid at the checkout held up a bag holding a single item, looked for the code-sticker, and - not finding one - declared, "I don't know what sort of plant this is." He looked at me for help, and I slowly said, "It's an apple." I'm just hoping he was joking.

3. Mia's developed a new language - we'll call it Mia Latin - and it sounds like this:

Mom-tee, is Laur-ten cry-ting?
Yes, Mi-ta.
Laur-ten, it's Ot-kay. Mi-ta's right he-tere.

I'm starting to wonder if she has a twin somewhere that she's coking with.

4. When I woke up this morning, the birds were singing a beautiful song. I believe it's called, 'Spring, quit being such a tease, come and stay for a while.' Even though that song doesn't rhyme. Birds are allowed to do that, y'know.

5. Last weekend, Justin got me the Twilight soundtrack for Valentine's Day. (Thanks babe, for fueling my addiction...) We've been listening to it pretty much non-stop whenever we're in the car, so Mia's starting to recognize the songs. Her favorite song, by far...the one she requests at the beginning of every car-ride, the one she tries to sing to herself, the one I have no IDEA what the man is singing Muse's Supermassive Black Hole. My girl has good taste. Italic

6. Lauren (forgive me for thinking Laur-ten) has a new favorite pastime. She goes gaga for pictures of Mia and herself. When we walk into the living room, she's started lunging towards the wall that has their pictures displayed, ooohing and babbling for all she's worth. When I point and name the pictures, that's even better. She looks at my mouth, waiting for the magic word, "Mia" or "sissy" before squealing with delight.

7. I'm starting to realize that Lauren's 1 year birthday is just around the corner. 5 weeks away. That seems close, considering the road we've traveled so far. I swear, her first year has flown by faster than any year I've ever been a part of. planning for a one-year-old. This is my conundrum:

What one-year old needs a huge party? What one-year old will actually enjoy one? I think the main reason we have parties at this age is for the parents' sake. Knowing that, I don't want to go over the top with themes and decorations, but I want it to be worthy of celebrating her wonderful birth. (It really was wonderful!)

However, there's really no way to have a small party when my family is involved. We're...sprawling. We take up lots of space, create lots of noise, consume lots of cake and ice cream. So, Lauren is destined to have a big-ol' party, and I'm destined to over-think the thing. What theme? What location? What invitations? I should've started a month ago.

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  1. As I was reading number 7 I was thinking that Lauren sounds a lot like my baby, Megan, with her lunging toward the pictures and laughing when you say the names. And then I read that she'll be 1 in 5 weeks - my daughter too! This is a cute age :)


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