Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #2

1. This is how I know I'm getting old: I've been listening to the local classical music and NPR station. I've found that piano pieces or those with a handful of string instruments are my favorite. I've also found that I am ignorant of most world events. Good Morning America is getting a run for it's money with NPR.

2. Yesterday at Mia's preschool, they had a Valentine's Day party for the kids. All week, I had in my mind that Mia and I would sit down and sign her little valentine's, packing baggies with candy and cards. That was my intention: to let her help so she'd know what was going on, and have some fun with it. Wednesday night came around and I thought, OK, tomorrow we'll do her valentine's. Only, it was too late, we needed them the next morning. So I sat up late Wednesday night assembling heart-ed bags for kids who surely didn't need the sweets I was packing up.

When we got home after the party, I raided her big goodie bag to...ahem...pare it down a bit. Three year-old's don't need quite so much sugar, right? I appropriated a Kit-Kat and a Fruit Roll-Up. Surely she wouldn't even like those. When I opened the Kit-Kat, it had words printed on it (a la conversation hearts) that said "Keep It Real."

Wha..? Kids need to be reminded to keep it real? As opposed to...

I just don't understand. Be mine, sure. True Love, whatever. Keep It Real? This just seems too grown up and a little sad. Up until the point some kids see this, they may not even know that they had the option of lying or faking aspects of themselves.

I s'pose I'm reading a little too much into this. Never mind me. Just another way I seem to be getting old.

3. This week I started re-reading Twilight. I just can't help myself. I'm out of books right now (besides Middlemarch, which, to be honest, I don't have the brain capacity for at the moment.) and Twilight was just sitting on the shelf, staring me down. I'm not so enthralled with it this time, so I'm going slower and noticing some different things that passed me by before. It's definitely not the most beautifully written book (those who can't - critique, right?), but it still has some kind of wonderful emotion built into it. I still feel the attachment between the characters, and get nervous or excited for them as the mood changes. In other words, I'm really liking it again, just when I thought I had it out of my system. What is it about these dang books?

4. On the subject of books, I just finished reading The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink. It was...spare. But good. I love books like this that are very real...not sugarcoated or fancied up for the sake of entertainment. (I know, I know, I just got done saying how much I love Twilight. But I'm multi-dimensional.) I like being slightly disturbed by a book, and The Reader did that for me. It made me think. Always a good thing.

5. This week has been a rough one for Lauren's naps. Since she's learned how to pull herself up quickly and efficiently, it's almost like she has no control over doing it. Her body just rolls over and pulls up without her even deciding to do it. So laying her down for a nap is an exercise in futility. The plus side to this, is that she's been tired enough the past few nights to be nursed asleep by 6:30. Woo hoo! 12 hours of sleep later...we begin anew.

6. This morning after Mia finished her breakfast, I had her settled down with some pears and a coloring activity while I ate my cereal for breakfast. She came over to see if she might want whatever was in my bowl, and decided that, yes, mama's cereal was exactly the special snack for Mia. She crawled on my lap and cuddled with me, giving me her best 'big blue eyes under long lashes' look, while she silently begged for a bite. I let her have a tiny bite, and she stayed put on my lap until the bowl was empty. Bite after bite, she begged. She flirted and prissed, hoping each next bite would be hers.

The object of her affection? All Bran.

The girl won't eat mashed potatoes, white bread, or cheese - but All Bran? She loves it.

7. Our Valentine's Day plans are to eat a dinner lovingly prepared mom. I hate the idea of going to a busy restaurant just because of V-day. We don't go out to eat much anyway, but if we do, I hate waiting or having slow service because of the crowd. Maybe later next week, we'll have a date night to make up for it, but really I don't mind.

I'd much rather spend the evening with my entire family. I'm more interested in making Valentine's day (Mia says: Valentime's) a fun day for the girls; Justin and I leaving them with a sitter while they sleep doesn't accomplish that! So, to mom's house we go, where dinner will be delicious...and free! I'll take a fancy dessert to make up for it. And because dessert is my favorite part of most meals.

Here's hoping you have a happy, crowd-free, dessert-filled Valentine's Day!

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  1. Just discovered you over at Jen's Quick Takes. I have two girls, too (a 4-year-old and a 20-month-old) and another one on the way. We call ourselves the Estroden. :)

    My girls always look at my husband and me with puppy-dog eyes when they want a bite of something. They're little scavengers.

    Happy Valentine's Day, and God bless!

  2. Twilight books, I didn't speak to my family for three weeks, bob threatened me not to bring them on vacation to Mexico, I did! But finished the fourth to quickly, had to buy another book in the airport, before reaching Mexico. But, wow aren't they great. I hate to tell you that there is an online version written in Edwards point of view, better check it out.


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