Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What I love about...

Pot Roast. And I absolutely do love it, in all it's non-fancy, down-home goodness.

1. Beef or Pork. I get a choice. Awesome.

2. Rosemary. Mmmmm....rosemary. Sorry, Mom. It must be a genetic fluke.

3. The house smells perfect. Kinda like rosemary.

4. The sound when I gently place the meat in the hot pan to be seared. And by gently place, I mean throw from afar. I have a bad habit of over-heating the oil while getting the veggies ready, so I stand far back to avoid searing myself as well.

5. Roasted Veggies that taste like the meat they were roasted with. Who invented this stuff, anyway? It's perfect.

6. It's pretty much fool proof. Speaking as a fool, I know this to be true. It only took 2 phone calls to my mom for her free advice. Which I'm sure, had I asked, would have included, "for the love of everything, don't add rosemary." I did not ask.

7. My afternoon is free to play with the girls, while I become intoxicated from the smell of rosemary.

8. Leftovers. Burritos, Soup, Stir-Fry, Chimichangas...so economical.

9. Mia eats it. WILLINGLY. (As I write this, my fingers, legs, and eyes are crossed. Knock on wood where you are.)

10. I'd like it even if I had no rosemary. I guess.

PS...Vegetarians? Please don't get sick on your computer. I can't afford your repair bills. Just insert the word "tofu" as needed. Is there such thing as roasted tofu?

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