Saturday, January 17, 2009

A conversation...

that could be overheard in the busy greeting card section of Target this morning:

Me: Mia, stay close to me, sweetie.

Mia: 'I'm singing...singing...I don't's just trouble...nahneenahnee...I think I am...'

Me: Mia, do you like this card for your friend?

Mia: 'Nahnee...tea...a drop of olden some....'

Me: Mia, stop singing for a minute and answer my question please.

Mia: Mama, I....I NEED TO GO POO POO!

Me: (Hustling her away from the stares.) Where did your daddy go?


  1. the new background is pretty but to these old eyes, it does seem harder to read, love you,me

  2. I love the singing part, so cute! Wish I could hear it, I can just imagine how cute she sounds!
    P.S.- You are welcome to come visit anytime and have a "beach day" with us ;)


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