Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

More and more often when faced with a problem, I find myself thinking, "how would my mom react?" I try to approach situations with calm assurance, a positive attitude, and - above all - patient love. These are among some of the most beneficial gifts you have raised me with. Really, they're all I would have needed to grow into a good person, but you gave me so much more, as well.

Thank you for being a wonderful mother and my best friend. How did you ever manage?! (I know...don't tell me...YEARS and YEARS of practice.)

You're the best. If moms were something to be purchased, I wouldn't have been able to afford you. God was too generous in saving you for me (okay, I guess Eric got you too, but still). You deserve to have an amazing year, and a perfect day.

Happy Birthday, I love you!

PS - Your Rum Cake is ready!

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