Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #61

1. Earlier this week, Mia and Lauren were happily occupied in the living room while I cooked dinner. In fact, they were cleaning -- dusting -- for me. How did I manage to delegate such a chore-ish feat?

I didn't. They came up with it all on their own. They had bare-footed baby-dolls which they pushed in loops and rows and zigs and zags across the top of our TV cabinet. They were 'skiing' their dolls, delighted in the dust-tracks left behind. Marveling at the dirty feet their babies were acquiring.

I take whatever help I can get. Baby-doll labor or otherwise.

2. Under the category of Strange Things I've Said This Week, there's this gem: "Mia, it's not okay to poke somebody else's toes with a fork. Only poke yourself."

3. My garden is GROWING! These rows of romaine lettuce are just the cutest little things, about 3 inches tall, and so, so sweet. I think it's completely normal to be calling my growing veggies cute, don't you?

4. On Wednesday, I wrote about the locksmith who fixed my back door. What I didn't write about, though, was how fantastic it is to have a working patio door again. I forgot how wonderful it is to walk 4 steps to the back porch rather than 30. We can feed the cat without walking all the way around to the side of the house; we can run out to the backyard without being waylaid by the front porch first.

Life was rough for awhile there.

5. I have posted, and will probably continue to post, way too many pictures of my girls on the swing set. But really, with the number of hours we spend on that thing, it's my best shot for pictures lately. Plus, they're adorable, no matter how similar the background.

6. Mia wants to swing higher and higher every second, scaring me silly when she leans back or kicks her legs out too far for my queasy comfort. But that smile...that laugh...

I can't deny the girl her speed and flight when she bombards me with that laughter.

7. I have no more quick takes. Instead, do me a favor? Tell me the best thing that happened in your life this week. Please. Then have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. Well, the best is yet to come! I slept in late today, and then I get to go shopping with friends for a while before working for a few hours. Then tomorrow I get to go see a friend and look into an exciting job opportunity!

  2. I love your garden, I agree your lettuce is so cute! We can't plant out for another week, but I'm looking forward to it! The best thing that happened to me this week? Well its not exactly g-rated, so I won't go into detail. :)

  3. I agree growing plants are very cute. The best thing this week was going out to a resteraunt and having my favorite toddler eat what I ordered her and overall behave really well.

  4. Oh man, the best thing this week eh. I am not sure about that other than I managed to finish a project using Adobe Illustrator that I didn't think I would ever manage to do. And it looks OK.

  5. "I cannot deny that girl her speed and flight..." You will have to remember that when she is 17, hmmm? :)
    I am so jealous of your garden. I keep thinking MAYBE one day I will be brave enought to try. I planted some herbs in the window sill...that's good right?
    The best thing this week? This morning when my tot scheduled a date to go puddle jumping with me after work today. That is the best. Plus, I got a little snuggle time with the Hubby this morning.
    Have a great weekend! Those girls are adorable!

  6. I agree that describing the lettuces as cute is perfectly okay. They are lovely.
    The best thing that happened to me this week? Hmm...I guess my monthly visit to the midwife, hearing my baby's strong heartbeat. I've heard it before but it is always thrilling.

  7. Yes, your lettuce is adorable! I'm jealous that you can plant so much earlier down there. We're not in the clear here until May 15! And I really don't think you can have too many pictures of your kids swinging. It brings out the best smiles! The best thing that happened to me this week... hmmm... probably the dance party we had at our house with our totally cool youth kids! :)

  8. What a great list! And those swingsets are not cheap so you just go ahead and live on them and take as many pictures as your little heart desires!

    And, hmmmm, my best thing this week...that's's been a rough week. But I'm going to say watching Layla finally build up her courage and jump in the deep end at swimming lessons. {she had refused for a couple of days but finally did last night!!!}

  9. Agreed on the cute lettuce. For sure. I can't post pictures of my cute plants because it SNOWED HERE YESTERDAY and they all DIED. Yeah. Moving on.

    I've had such a good week, it's hard to pick. And that's not the usual fare around here, so THAT in itself is a good thing! But this past week I went to my friend's wedding. The photographer was "making a moment" of her mom doing up the buttons on her wedding dress, and couldn't quite get things hooked together. TEENY buttons. A million of them! I let them take the pictures and then stepped in to help get it all fastened up, and it turns out the photographer "made a moment" of that, too! So now I have these beautiful pictures of me helping one of my best and dearest friends with her wedding dress. I can't wait to get copies so I can put them on my wall. It might seem like a small, teeny unimportant thing. But I think I'll always remember that, and it made me happy.

  10. Awww, look at those cute little girls giggling on the swings AND the baby lettuce! :) I wish we could plant lettuce at this house, sigh...

    The best thing that happened to me this week would be a fun Wednesday morning out with the kiddos to Pump It Up, the library, and Wendy's for lunch. (I let the big kids pick where they wanted to go to eat, lol!) ;) Also, I'm feeling this new little one inside of me move more and more this week! Have a great weekend!

  11. I think we have the same swingset! This will be our third summer with it and I am so grateful my children have it to play on.

    Best thing this week? It's not been the best week, but my irises are blooming and it was warm enough today to send the children to school without jackets, for the first time this year, I think. And no child has been up in the middle of the night this week. 3 good things. Whew!

  12. Baby doll labor... priceless! And that lettuce does look awfully cute.

  13. Your lettuce is ADORABLE! I big fat heart vegetables, too. And I probably will dedicate at least 14 blog posts to my emerging garden once we, um, get the emerging garden planted.
    The best thing that happened to me this week? Oh, there was a lot of good in the midst of the pain. One of the best things was hearing stories about my dad from his high school days from his senior year prom date. Classic. And another really good, good thing was being held by the body of Christ this week as God was holding me in His arms.

    You girls are beautiful. Squeeze them for me.

  14. Your garden looks incredible!! Yay!!!

    The best thing this week... I'm with Maegan, it was a rough week. I'd have to say making it to 90 days sober. That's huge :)

  15. We bought a set of romaine we haven't planted yet. It's inspiring to see yours though. I'm a little jealous of your swing set.

    The best thing this week was we got an offer on our condo and have a closing day set. Pray it all goes off well! We've been paying two mortgages for a long time.

  16. Swingset pictures are THE! BEST!

    Look at all that beautiful lettuce. Nicely done, mama.

    And the fork instructions - totally laughing with complete empathy.

  17. Ooh, I'm so jealous of your lettuce! We just put ours in two weeks ago and it got hot too fast, so it looks horrible. Oh, and my husband has a thing against fences, so deer got a couple heads!

    The best thing? There were lots of good things, but I'd have to say talking on the phone with a bunch of people, particularly my grandparents.


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