Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post, #5

Happy Saturday! This morning dawned gray and damp, but I care not: IT'S MAY! There's just something fantastic about the first of May, you know? It feels like we're on the verge of sunny, warm days, picnics, swimming, exploring, shade-covered afternoons, birdsong, and freshly mown grass. And I love it.

As long as I'm not the one mowing the grass.

Today, to celebrate the first Saturday of the month, Elizabeth Esther's hosting her blog carnival, inviting us all to link up with our favorite post from the previous month. Today, I'm choosing The Locksmith, because I just can't stop going back and re-reading it. It's special to me.

Fill up your free time this Saturday by checking out all the best blog posts today at Elizabeth Esther's place! And enjoy your May Day!


  1. Hey...its May here too! LOL....
    we are welcoming it here in TN with storms, pouring rain, rolling thunder and lightening from time to time. Enjoy your Sat.

  2. I really enjoyed your Locksmith one!

  3. I know!! I can't believe it's MAY!! :) And yesterday I push-mowed the yard for the first time in my life because my hubby was gone all week. Today I'm sore. Very sore...

  4. Great choice! I just read this post and it's beautiful.

    Happy May!


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